July 30, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things.....

I don't know about you but whenever I am thinking about my favourite things I cannot get the song from The Sound of Music (one of my all time favourite movies) out of my head.

Listing my favourite things is long, but you already know alot of them.

Gossip magazines.....check

And recently I have fallen in love with these. They are yummy. They are crunchy. They aren't even many calories which is a huge deal to a Momma who enjoys food with a very high calorie count. Just remember to eat only one package at a time.

Orange Kool Aid. I love, love, love this stuff. No, I am not 8. I used to drink Killer Kool Aid's when younger and could stay up past 930pm, but now that I am older and um...more mature I will drink it without the alcohol. Although I do have to admit that I think about having an alcoholized version while dealing with the 57th fist fight of the day between my boys.
I broke down and bought this book. I avoided the hype for a few years but couldn't resist finding out why everyone loves Edward so much. So far it is pretty good. Nothing to stop me from the rest of my life but it is entertaining. The weird thing is I cant help but picture the Edward from the movie (that I have never seen) and I do not find him the least bit attractive.

Colbie Caillat. Love her.

We purchased a pool this summer. I wanted something to keep the boys busy and hoped that this would be the perfect thing to wear them out. I was right. They spend all day everyday in the thing. Only problem is they need to be supervised at all times because I am a paranoid Momma who has visions of her children drowning in the 3 foot pool. Spending 3-4 hours a day supervising does not allow me to have much of a life and to get anything done. The life of a Mother. Oh joy, oh bliss.

This Etsy store. I love her jewellery. I want one of her necklaces with all three of my kids names. One day....................

Prince Edward Island. I want to go there. We will go there........someday soon I hope.

Now go see Mama's Losin It to check out other completed assignments this week.


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Unknown said...

I love the Edward from the book, but like you... the movie Edward? Does nothing for me. (Though I don't think there's many out there that agree with us!!!)
I'm more in love with the perfect love theme than Edward himself, though.
And I prefer grape kool aid, but yep, still drink the crap at 30. (We won't discuss the fact that I hide it from my kids).

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Those pringles stix look good.

My sis-n-law sent me the whole twilight series when she was done reading them and they are still sitting next to my bed unread..

Ally Wasmund said...

I love Colbie too!

Great list. :)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

Kekibird said...

I agree with the swimming thing wearing the kids out AND you just from being paranoid around it. I'm the same, I follow my son like a shadow when he's near water.

Liz Mays said...

We finally took our pool out a few years ago. It was one of those old HUGE metal above ground partially in the ground monstrosities. I swear I had to sit out there 3-4 times a day for at least an hour every time. I just didn't feel comfortable leaving. And yes, nothing else gets done!

Like you, Edward is not the least bit attractive to me. What DO they see?

KMServino said...

Lovely List!

Erin said...

I am buyin one of those pools at the end of the summer....I think it's more for me at this point! LOL But I would never be able to leave with the boys in the pool either!

Kool aid...love it, but just remembered TANG. HA

Have the twilight book and have yet to start it. I'll wait for your review when you are done!

Jennifer said...

Gossip magazines...how could I forget that on my list??? Think God for the cheap ones! (US Weekly) Love Colbie too!

Foursons said...

The book. Yes, I liked it too. It did not stop my life. Books 2 and 4 left a lot to be desired for me. Others loved them. I do NOT think they cast the right actor for Edward. That is not who I pictured when reading the book and I don't think he's all that hot in the movie. (Don't hurt me all you James P. lovers!) Anyways...

Heatherlyn said...

I don't think the edward from the movie is cute either. And his voice is all wrong. But I enjoyed the books.

If we had a pool of any depth I would spend my life outside supervising too!

Kristen said...

Good list. As far as twilight goes. The book Edward is way better then the movie one.

MommyBrain said...

Love the mix of words and photos ... and there's been so much talk about the Twilight series again lately that I am fairly convinced I need to go back and reread them all ... for the third time :)

My current - pregnancy craving - favorite ... Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar Chips! I could eat a bag a day ... and wash them down with a big glass of cherry Kool-Aid!