October 30, 2008


Ok.....as you have noticed, Momma has a new blog. A fresh start. A new beginning. I have been craving a change for awhile now so just bit the bullet and went for it. Hopefully my one or two followers will follow me here.

Reason for the fresh start? Well, um..... I wish I had some "A-ha moment" or major enlightenment to tell you about but quite frankly I was just bored and irritated with myself. I read back into the archives of my other home and was quite horrified with what I read.

I complained alot.

I didnt sound happy...........and at times I wasnt, but I could have at least humoured my readers and shown some sign of positive life.

Those posts did not portray who I feel I really am.

I am happy with my life. I have a great life and I am going to tell y'all about it. Sure, there will be times when I want to *ahem* pull my hair out but I won't whine about it as much as I did previously.

So...a re-introduction of Momma.

I am 33 1/2 years old. If you asked me about 15 years ago what I would feel like at 33 I would have told you life would almost be over, but now that I am here, I feel pretty darn tootin good. I married Mr. Momma (aka Busy) almost exactly 8 years ago but have known him since the age of a grade 3 kid. Sorry, but I am not doing the math. In that 8 years we have brought 3 beautiful, perfect...well take away the occasional bad word, fist fights and stubborness and they would be completely 100% perfect children into this world.

Messy is 6 3/4 to be exact.

Rowdy is 4 3/4.

Princess is 6 months.

Oh yeah, and there is our first non-human baby, Studley the black lab who is 9.

I am a stay at home mom.....have been for 4 3/4 years and feel blessed (most of the time) that I am able to share the little moments with my kids rather than hear about them from a babysitter. I admit I miss my adult life at times but I would not trade this time with my kids for ANYTHING.

The hugs. The kisses. The story reading. The high fives. All of it. That is what life is about. I am hopeful that one day my kids will look back on their childhood and think it was pretty darn great.

So that's me in a very small nutshell. I have a few promises to make to you.

I promise to NOT be a complainer........all of the time.

I promise to appreciate and embrace motherhood even during the trying times.

I promise to share my experiences, big and small, hoping that you either thank your stars your life is different than mine OR wish you had it as good as me.

Somehow I think you will be wishing.

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~Jobthingy~ said...

sometimes we need a fresh start.

good on you..

i chuckled at Mr Momma