January 15, 2009

Assignment time

Write about a scary encounter with one of your old professors.

I was a good kid. I never got in trouble.

Except the time I was accused of taking liquid lunches.

And stealing candy from my teacher's top drawer.

Or the time I drew "SFP" (Super Flea Protection) on the back of my hand and continually waved it in front of the losers.

Oh yeah...and the time in Home Ec class when the recipe called for chocolate squares and I put an ExLax bar in instead.

Kidding, folks....I would never draw anything on my hands...........

But there is one time that sticks out in my head as possibly the scariest moment I had with a professor.

She wasn't a professor.

Or a teacher.

She was actually the Principal.

I was waiting in line at the cafeteria waiting to get my microwaved pizza from the cranky cafeteria ladies. My husband was in line with me. I think it was Grade 6.

We werent married back then.

I had bubblegum.

In my mouth.

I blew the biggest best damn bubble ever.

Just as the Prinicipal looked at me.

Yeah....uh huh......I almost pooped my pants as our eyes met eachother.

What did I do you ask?

Tried to stuff the bubble back into my mouth as fast as I could hoping that she really wasnt looking at me but instead was looking at the person in front of me...or behind me.....anywhere else but at me.

How could it happen? Me the good kid getting into trouble....with my future husband standing right there witnessing the entire embarrassing event.

I had to throw my gum out.

And my husband has not let me forget that moment over 20 years later.

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Suzi said...

He, He, He. Principals are always a bit scarry.

Kelley said...

Great story. PRincipals see everything... hve a great day!

Anonymous said...

Principals are such sticklers sometimes. You were in the lunch line. It's not like you weren't gonna have to throw it out eventually anyway!

KatieZ said...

That's what spouses are for...to remind you of all the bad things you do or did in life, Right!? Too funny!

I had a teacher that made me put my gum up really high on the chalk board and put my nose on it for 10 minutes. Do you know how hard it is to stand on your tip toes for that long!? Now she was scary!

kelly said...

lmao. I once hit my principle in the head with a volleyball, but it was a total accident.

Anonymous said...

Why do principals try to be so imposing? In actuality, they were all kind of nerdy.

Jen said...

that is too funny.

Mama Kat said...

You poop your pants too!?! I love your list of wrong doings...and how cute that you could share that moment with your hubby. I love it!