January 07, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- The Life of a 6 year old

Bring all craft supplies, including Mom's Christmas ribbon upstairs to your room.
Decorate your room with those supplies.

Build all Lego sets you received for Christmas and then leave them on your dresser and bedroom floor.

Leave all leftover tiny Lego pieces on bedroom floor.

NEVER clean up your mess.

Oh, to be 6 again.

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Jen said...

That would be so great to be 6. Not a care in the world. *sigh*

Allison said...

My 6 year old decorates my whole house like that! - and then thinks it's MY JOB to clean it up! - don't you love it? - Chores are in the VERY near future....hehehehe..(evil laugh)

Lolli said...

Nice! Sounds like my house!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and then have someone else clean it all up for us! Six is great!