February 14, 2009

Hugs, kisses and all that mushy crap

I love my husband because

he is my best friend
he is an amazing father to our three children
he is handy and can fix things when I need him to
he always completes everything on his "Honey-Do" List
he isn't afraid to wipe a dirty bum
he is always the person to clean up vomit....because it makes me gag

he actually enjoys cleaning
he gets up early with the kids on the weekend
he smiles even when I am PMS-ing

he always drives
he likes my family.
he watches all my TV shows
he is a cuddler.....and is ok with the fact that I am not

he isn't afraid to show his emotions....and is ok with the fact that I don't
he loves me even though he has known me for 26 years
I love you Mr. Momma!
*I am hosting 6 seven year old boys today for a birthday party. Hold me.*

1 comment:

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

awww.. that is sweet.. and a little gag worthy.. well done LOL