March 07, 2009

Fun Times

It takes alot to make Momma laugh. Like really laugh.

Rarely, a television show gives me the giggles. Someone has to be really funny to give me the belly laughs.

But bring out the whoopee cushion and I am a goner. There is something about the sound of a toot that causes me to go into hysterics.

Apparently I am an 8 year old boy trapped inside a 33 year old woman's body.

Real toots are funny. But alot of times they are gross. And stinky. Ewwwww.......

I am thinking of blaming it all on the whoopee cushion from now on. I will just keep one with me at all times.

"Oops, I accidentally squeezed the whoopee cushion. It was not me that released air from my tooshie area. Honest."

"I didn't toot. That is disgusting. It was this little pink beauty. I keep one in my purse at all times just for the heck of it."

People would believe me right?

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1 comment:

Heatherlyn said...

You would get along well with my 11 year-old son. He bought one once and spent the entire next two weeks trying to sneak it underneath wherever anyone sat. He thought it was the best.