March 04, 2009

A man in love.

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It is 1pm and my day so far has involved a boy styling his very short hair for 25 minutes.
A girl waking up with greeners coming out of her eye and nose.
A boy almost getting hit by a car in the bank parking lot because he was too busy dancing and singing a Rihanna song.
A lost glove in the grocery store.
A 30 minute tantrum upon discovery that the glove was gone for good.

But what I really want to talk about are girlfriends.

My 7 year old, grade 1 son has informed me that he is no longer single. He is a taken young man. He is in love.

"Mom, I have a girlfriend."

"Son, I can't be your girlfriend. I am married to your father and I will always be your mommy and only your mommy."

"NOT YOU! I have a real girlfriend!"

"Oh. Really?" In my head I thought a million different things. You're too young. You're going to get hurt. A boy your age should be playing with monster trucks. Ok, I want to be your girlfriend instead. But I sucked it up and started asking questions.

"Who is it?"

"She is a girl in my class. I always chase her at recess and try to give her a kiss."

*GASP* "You do what?"
Suck it up Momma. Suck it up.

"Hahaha....I chase her at recess so I can kiss her because one day we are going to get married and have babies."

Pick your jaw up Momma. Don't let him see that you are uncomfortable.

"I drew her a picture with hearts on it and put it in her backpack for her to keep."

"Oh, that's nice. I am sure she really liked the picture."

"No, she threw it out. She hates me."


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Jen said...

Whoa, hold the phone a girlfriend at 7! My jaw would have been on the floor too.

lmt1073 said...

Awww, poor baby.... but what a cute story it made!

Allison said...

That was so cute!
My boy, soon to be 7, also has a girlfriend. lucky for me she does not go to the same school. I have seen them in action on playdates - so far nothing to worry about, they both like dragons. a quick hug good-bye is all the affection they share. oh what are we going to do in like 6 years?????

Your cutie pie sounds like he is going to be a real heartbreaker!

girlytwins said...

Poor sweet boy. He sounds likes a keeper even at 7 LOL.

I was dying reading this post. I kept thinking please let it my 7 year olds in a few years that are throwing out heart pictures from sweet boys :)

Halftime Lessons said...

Oh Sweet Mary.

I am not ready for this.

(dies inside a little)

Heatherlyn said...

He sounds very healthy. :)

Carebear said...

I love this post. Such a cute conversation. And a scary one! You mean, I may only have 5 years left as the girl of my son's dreams?! Oh no!

Debbie said...

Sounds like true love to me:)

Nicole said...

LOL he's already getting his heart broken huh? Damn girls.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Ahh, young love...

My second grader has a new girlfriend every week! Of course, none of these girls ever realize they are his girlfriend...

Missy said...

lol, that sounds typical. My first "boyfriend" wrote me a love letter in 1st grade and I ripped it up and threw it away. Then I decided I did like him and chased him all over the playground. ha!