March 23, 2009


Not Me! Monday has been taken down and saved for another time. More important things need to be discussed right now.

Like baby Stellan. Miracle baby. MckMama's baby.

He needs another miracle. He needs prayers.


I feel like I know MckMama. Know her well. Yet I have never met her or anyone in her beautiful family. I feel like we have chatted many times and know so much about one another. But we never have.

I have seen pictures. I know what her children look like down to the little details of hair bows and cloth diapers. I know that baby Stellan was not supposed to survive in this world. Yet he was born perfect and healthy.

Now he is suffering.

Pray please.

Click on the button to see this beautiful family.

This beautiful boy.

And I am sure you will love them as much as I do...without even knowing them.


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Jen said...

This is just so heart breaking and it kinda puts it all into perspective.

Hillary said...

I feel the same way-I'm definitely praying for sweet baby Stellan!

Jill said...

I will pray for that family..
It was really sweet of you to post this.

I signed your follower list a while back. I hope you'll come by and check me out and do the same. :)

Carebear said...

I'm just aching for MckMama and baby Stellan. And holding my Not Me post for next week when they are home and healthy, God willing! I am praying for them - thanks for helping get the word out! BTW, thanks for your comment on my Dora Rant last week! Come by this week and enter my awesome “Support Our Troops Giveaway”!