June 23, 2009

Days of Summer-2

If you are a loyal reader, then you know that I love colour.

And I love flowers.

And I love you.

But anyways........

Summer is full of colour and I cannot help myself when I walk past a blooming flower.....or weed.

I have to take a picture of it.

It makes me happy to be alive.

As well as the smell of chocolate.

But anyways.......

So today on this second (very, very hot) day of summer I give you a picture straight out of my grandmother's flower garden.

Because it is full of colour.

It is a blooming flower.

It makes me happy to be alive.

And it is my grandmas.

Enough said.

Now go on over to see Fresh Mommy. The creator of this wonderful series.

I love her too.

And I even told her.

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mummyof5monsters said...

Great picture!

Grand Pooba said...

I want to take pics like Fresh Mommy!

Heatherlyn said...

Beautiful! I like taking pictures of flowers too. You know what is really cool is that when you post the pictures on your blog they have a story that goes along with it, where you were when you took it, how you feel about it. The beautiful pictures of the flowers (and "weeds") because a beautiful little part of your personal history!

Jen said...

that is an awesome picture.

Oops, I thought you were the creator. I wanted to do this series too and I was all excited to follow along with you! Well I am still going to play.

Foursons said...


Jenners said...

That photo just POPS! Love it!

girlytwins said...