June 18, 2009

Tourists Welcome Here

I enjoy tourists.

I really enjoy tourists who wear sunhats.

And Hawaiian shirts.

And black socks.

With sandals.


Anyways, today's tour of Momma's maison is of the laundry room.

And the mud room.

What better way to start than to show the main attractions.

I like to start my tours off big.

With a bam.

So here they are.

The hardest working, best looking appliances in my home.

I love them.

They clean my boy's clothing.

Full of sand, mud, bug guts, grass stains, blood and food.

Have I mentioned how much I love them?


This basket is on the counter above the machines.

This is where all single socks are thrown until I find it's partner.

I rarely do though, so now it is just my stash.

Just in case they may need one sock for something.

You never know.

This is a picture of a weed that I took. I love it. Remember this quote? That is why.

And the basket holds the fabric softener and any $$$ I find.

But I mostly find this stuff.

Artwork on the walls. They are pretty right? Actually they are stickers. Removeable of course. One of the best inventions ever.

4 for $20 at Homesense.

View from the door. It is a small room. Right outside of our bedroom on the main floor so I dont have to drag laundry baskets down to the basement.

Cupboards are full of cleaning products, extra linen and rags.

Baskets are on top of the cupboards.

I love baskets.


This is the end of tour #1. Any questions?

Good, then we will move on.

Pretend I am Vanna White or the Price is Right girls waving my hands to show off my mud room.

I soooo could have done a better job then them. Except I wouldnt have looked as good in skimpy dresses and bathing suits.


this is the shelf hanging in the mud room at our main entrance.

And these are our "cubbies". Each person in the family has their own space to hang coats, store hats/mitts etc and stash pairs of shoes. My baskets are full. Of shoes. Yes, I have a problem with collecting shoes. I admit it.

This is me. Taking a picture of the mirror hanging on the wall directly across from the cubbies.


Window. Shelf. Plant.

Bathroom Door.

Individual cubby area.

So there you have it.

Any questions? Ask away. I am here to assist you any way I can.

And I enjoy tips.

I will leave a Tip Jar at the door.

Thanks muchly.

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Michelle said...

I love the baskets in your mudroom! Very organized! I could tell by the way you were dressed and the jackets on the hooks that you don't live near me, here in Tennessee! The temps here today were close to 100! Send some cool air down this way!!

Heather said...

WOW!! I am so impressed!! You are so organized! I love your laundry room, love the counters and the cabinets!! Great job!

L said...

Did you make or buy the furniture in your mudroom? I love the cubbies.

Shana said...

The mudroom cubbies are so nice!! I would love a mudroom in my next house! Thank you for sharing your spaces!

Laura Beth said...

I love the cubbies! I wish I had a place in my house for this organization!! I'm also a little jealous of your laundry room!! :)

ajgregory said...

I love your cubbies! I also have a stack of socks that have no mates. Occasionally, I do find a match to one or two of them, so there is hope!

Lisa Shatzer said...

I've never seen a backsplash in a laundry room before. Love it!

Jenn said...

I am loving those cubbies! So organized! I'm loving your washer and dryer too. I tried to talk my hubby into the silver ones but he made me stick with boring old white!

T~T said...

oh that W/D - heaven!!

did your hubbie build the rack unit on the wall??

Grits414 said...

Love it!!! I wish we had a mud room!!!

sky girl said...

I have a serious case of laundry room envy.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

The cubbies! The baskets! WOW - I loooove it!!!!

Heatherlyn said...

Your laundry room and mudroom are lovely. I could just cry. I really want a mudroom! Yours is perfect!

Chelsa said...

i love baskets too!

ButterYum said...

Lovely rooms... I really like your use of baskets!

Helen Joy said...

I love the little green bush on your shelf in the mud room. I also love the personal cubbies. Very cool!

Tara G. said...

The cubbies, the cupboards, the cute greenery ball- love it!!

Sabrina said...

love the cubbies. I have a basket with spare socks too. How funny.

Jenners said...

Oh My God! I totally have laundry room envy! I love it! I wish I had this laundry room.