June 26, 2009

Welcome to my......

Sleeping quarters.
Love nest.
Master Bedroom that is.

It is a work in progress.

And will be finished in approximately 11 years.

Because that is usually how long it takes me to have rooms exactly the way I like them.

And then the trends change.

I can never be happy.
This is our ginormous engagement picture behind our entrance doorway.
It is there because it is huge.
And we are not narcissistic people who enjoy having large pictures of ourselves displayed throughout our home.
Not naming names.
Paris Hilton.
It is signed by all of our guests at our wedding.

This is the view from the door.

It is a large room.

Very large.

So large I am having trouble filling it with nice cozy things.

I need an area rug.

But cannot find one that I like.

And is less than $1000.

These are the doors looking out onto the deck and back field.
And these are all of the windows and doors.
Yes there are alot.
Yes it was expensive to purchase window coverings for them.
I am still looking for curtains.

Tall dresser.

Decorated with a sunset picture by our oldest son.

And my favourite picture of hubby and I on our honeymoon.

And fake plant.

Another dresser.

It holds my pj's and undergarments just in case you were wondering.

View from our bed.

Ginormous TV.

Stereo and speakers from the 1990's.

One day we will get with the times and downsize.

Crown moulding.

LOVE this.

And I have saved the best for last.

Our closet.

It is a room on it's own.

I know I know.

You can come visit it anytime you want.

We can just sit in it.

And be giddy.

I do every day.

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Family American Style. said...

Very nice large Room.

Grits414 said...

Oh my....love the space! and that closet is to DIE for!!

amywelborn said...

I take forever to get a room just right too! And then its time to change!
Love yours!

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Wow I love your room!!

Christa said...

I really like your master bedroom! Your bed and bedding is beautiful! Your room looks so peaceful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Martha said...

Nice Room! I have to say, I love the crown moulding!

Chelsa said...

i love all the windows! and i am giddy w/ excitement dreaming of a closet like yours!

Allison said...

ok - nice room but it doesn't look like any bedroom I could even fathom! where is all the CLUTTER!!!!

Jen said...

that is a great room!
and those speakers, I can't stop laughing at them. hahahahahaha (sorry)

Rachel said...

Great room and awesome closet! The crown molding is truly beautiful!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I WANT that closet! Love the all of the windows in your room!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Heatherlyn said...

I love the crown moldings. And I really like that some of your pictures are taken at an angle. And I noticed the art above your bed. I enjoy art and yet can't seem to pick out art that isn't a picture of my family or something like that. Your bedroom looks great!

ButterYum said...

lovely, lovely, lovely!

A Wedding Story said...

Have you tried Company C for rugs?

Mama Kat said...

Wow! Your master bedroom as a HAVEN comared to ours. And I LOVE that giant field in the back.

I don't know...it looks like you're doing a fantastic job so far!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

You have a lovely room!

pumpkinpatches said...

I am so jealous of your thick crown molding!!!! You did a great job!

Jenners said...

Totally jealous of your crown molding and humungo closet!!! WOW!

And that TV cracks me up ...my husband had one like that when we got married but it finally died. I wasn't sad ... it dominated everything in whatever room it was in.