July 23, 2009

The List

Ok, MamaKat gave us some tough prompts this week. Damn her! It is summer time, I have three children with me at all times and barely have time to tinkle in private. So I was kinda hoping she would ask us to write a 10 word post about bugs or list the curse words my children have said so far this morning.

Now those would be simple.

But instead she is making us think. Making us moms who lost their brain cells in childbirth actually be creative and come up with something...well...readable.


Today I am going to make a list. Not just any list. A list of things my 7 1/2 year old is doing at this time of his life. The accomplishments he has made recently and special things he does.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down? I would if I were you.

Just sayin'.

At 7 1/2, my boy is a computer/technology genius. He has taught me how to use my camera and MP3 player. Who knew that I could actually record a story in my camera to go along with the picture so I don't forget???? He did of course.

Messy is still...ummmm...messy. He thinks that the world is his garbage can and he can throw wrappers on the ground without mean old Mommy finding them. One day he will realize that it would just be easier to find a garbage can in the first place instead of mean old Mommy nagging at him to pick it up.

My oldest child has discovered The Land of Curse Words. It is a fun place for him and he enjoys it very much. Until he loses privileges.

He has also discovered "sleeping in the buff". He enjoys eating his breakfast like this.

Until mean old Mommy tells him to get clothes on.

Mr.Messy is very smart. Along with reading like a 10 year old, he also knows all about trucks and machinery. He knows how to push his little brother's buttons and he also knows how to stick up for himself when his little brother makes him angry. He is so smart that he knows exactly what to say to upset his Mom and hurt her feelings. Things like "I hate you" and "You're the meanest Mom ever" are things I hear on a regular basis.

Fun times my friends. Fun times.

My boy enjoys photography. After teaching me how to use the camera I have owned for 4 years, he decided that it is now his camera and takes pictures wherever he goes. Like mother, like son.

He also enjoys making videos of himself pretending to drive a dump truck.....but it is really the family minivan. One day I may show you.

My boy loves butter, ranch dressing, peanut butter and milk. He loves ribs, chicken, Hamburger Helper and Caesar salad. He does not enjoy blueberries, raspberries, cucumber or well....anything healthy.

Messy loves staying up late, playing with Hot Wheels cars, sneaking food out of the kitchen and stashing it in his night table drawer.

At 7 1/2 my boy is becoming independent and needing/wanting his mom less and less. He is getting so smart that I am finding it tough to stay one step ahead of him and his new "behaviours".

But I love him.

More than anything.

Even when he tells me he hates me.

Because one day I know he will love me again and be thankful.

Right? Please tell me I am right or I may just run away and never come home........

*This post was inspired by MamaKat. Go here to check out more. *

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Missy said...

Hey, stopping by from Kat's. Great list. Sounds a lot like my house.


CaJoh said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's

It reminds me of when I used to take a bath when I was little and ran by the living room on my way to my bedroom shouting "nude man…nude man" Thankfully I grew out of it. I hope he does to.

Trudy said...

He loves you. He wouldn't show you all that neat stuff with your camera and MP3 player if he didn't.

Great post!

Allison said...

7 1/2 year old boys must think a lot alike. specially about being naked - not a modest bone in my boys body either.....hope they grow out of that!

Jennifer said...

Boys! Thay have no shame! I've got an 11 year old and he did finally grow out of it!

Erin said...

No nakedness in our house yet...which is good, because if we hit that stage it means the oldest learned how to take off his own diaper and THEN we are in trouble!

But the oldest has discovered curse words...his favorite is CWAP!

Kekibird said...

So THIS is what I have to look forward to in 4 years???

My three year old can work a digital camera and the DVD player like nobody's business. He loves to shoot picture (have a whole file set up for him just for that) and he LOVES construction vehicles and trucks. Names them like they are his best friend.

Two peas in a pod...

Foursons said...

I love his photographs. I think you may have a budding photographer on your hands. Or...a nudist. Either way, he has some hopes and dreams.

Jenny said...

I am glad I am not the only one hearing "I hate you" and "You're the meanest Mom ever". It is going to get better right or we are both running away.