August 07, 2009


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Momma and Mr. Momma were hitched on November 11, 2000.
A perfect day.
Even though my purse went missing.
With my wallet, flight tickets and arrangements for our honeymoon.

We were leaving at 7am.
My purse was found at 4am.

Wedding+Reception+Missing purse+2547 bobby pins in my hair that needed to be removed=no sleep for Momma and Mr.Momma

No problem.

We were in love.

We had just committed ourselves to eachother for the rest of our lives.

we were going to Jamaica!

We stayed at a resort called Enchanted Garden Resort and Spa. It sounds it should be the title for an adult film, but it really was a beautiful place for couples to spend their honeymoon.

I think it is closed now.

But really, it was nice.

You just have to take my word for it.

Finding pictures has been a bit emotional for me. It brings back all of the memories, the way we were feeling, the life to look forward to as a married couple.

And I was skinny.


Annnyways, this resort was built on a hillside so there were waterfalls everywhere. They had hammock gardens throughout the property.


*We look so young*

We went to go on the Dunn's River Cruise.
This involved trusting a young guy to take us on a big boat. This also involved alot of alcohol that I did not consume because I actually wanted to see the Falls.

This is us on the boat.

These are the falls that we climbed.

Picture courtesy of

We competed in a drinking game on the beach. Funny because I am not a drinker. And more funny because the taste of Jamaican Rum is not a good taste. Not funny because we were talked into it. Peer pressure sucks my friends. This is me on the right side thinking this was the stupidest thing ever and how dare they pressure me into doing something I didnt want to do. Geesh.
So I took one sip and gave up.

Mr. Momma on the other hand won.

Guess what he won? A bottle of Jamaican Rum!! Just what we wanted. Ewwwww.

We decided to act our age one night and enjoy the nightlife. We figured that it just wouldnt be right to spend a week and fall asleep before 10pm every night. We discovered that there was another contest. The Mr. Enchanted Garden contest! Guess what happened......

bet you cant.....

Have I mentioned how much peer pressure sucks?????

Mr. Momma was pressured to participate. And he won!

My new husband was crowned Mr.Enchanted Garden. I would show pics but he would kill me.

No you can't have him.

Our week away was awesome.

We spent most of our time here.

Thanks for the picture Photobucket


enjoying life.....


It was perfect.

I want to go back.

Anyone have a few thousand?

Anyone want to babysit three kids?

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Grits414 said...

We've been to Jamaica too and climbed Dunn's River falls...nice!

WackyMummy said...

Looks like a great place to visit! Glad you had such a good time there. Maybe someday I'll go.... =)

Trudy said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful honeymoon.

I had to pull at least that many bobby pins out of my hair on our wedding night too..what a pain! I sometimes wonder if I didn't miss one in there somewhere, LOL!

Rita said...

Everything was beautiful. Your honeymoon trip was fabulous.

Foursons said...

*sniff* I miss my skinny body too! *sniff*

Elaine A. said...

So fun to look back with you! I love that first picture of the two of you together.

That beach looks amazing. I wanna go...

John Deere Mom said...

Great pics! And yeah...I was skinny too...*sigh*

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

We went to Jamaica, too, but stayed closer to Montego Bay. The poverty there has swayed me from ever returning to try and enjoy an exotic week away. It just felt too opposite.

BUT, we had a great honeymoon. And I was skinny, too.


Jenners said...

This is the honeymoon I WISH we'd had. We too went to Jamaica and stayed at one of those Sandals resorts in Montego Bay -- horribly disappointing. Still mad about it 7 years later.