August 18, 2009

I remember.........

Ever been somewhere and saw a person, smelled something, touched something and it brought a strong memory to your mind?

This morning I saw a man outside Walmart with a Colts in his mouth.

I remember my grandfather's place smelling like Colts. I remember him smoking them and being so fascinated with the white tip at the end. "High end" I thought.

I remember playing videogames with my grandfather on a computer when computers were rare. It was that simple game hitting a ball back and forth from one line to the other without letting it go past but it was fun.

I remember when my grandfather was sick and living at our house. Smoking had caused emphysema...which later took his life.

I remember the day my brother was born. I was almost 5 and walked into the hospital room where my parents were told that I couldnt stay because children "jump on beds".

I remember my first day of kindergarten. I cried...alot.....hysterically. So much so that my mother walked me back home from the bus stop and drove me to school.

I remember the wallpaper we had in the house we lived in when I went to kindergarten. It was shiny metallic silver with a funky design. My parents were cool..........or not.

I remember getting up before the sun to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

I remember showing my mom how I could go down the stairs by sliding my feet down from step to step. I fell on my back and knocked the wind out of myself.

I remember the entire layout of our next house...and there wasnt any funky, retro wallpaper.

I remember getting stung by a bee at the park at the end of my street.

I remember seeing my parents kiss in the kitchen and being completely freaked out by it.

I remember getting out of the tub that had fancy sliding doors and slipping on the door rail. Very traumatic. I remember the black and blue bruises between my legs.

I remember moving to our next house and the moving truck breaking down.

I remember seeing the orange shag carpet in one of the bedrooms and thinking "Eww". Even at such a young age, I had some fashion sense.

I remember my first day at my new school. Grade 3. My new teacher came to greet me at the office and told me her first name was the same as mine. I instantly felt comfortable with her.

My husband remembers my first day in his class. Grade 3. I was wearing Strawberry Shortcake boots.

I remember wanting to be friends with a girl in my new class because she had nice hair.

I also remember a boy in that class who ate sand. It wasnt my future husband.

I remember at my grade 8 graduation while getting class pictures taken, the boy standing behind me fainted.

I remember being chosen as Grade 8 valedictorian and refusing to do it. I was too shy. So instead a friend and I presented an award speeches. I regret that.

I remember hating all of my high school years.

To be continued.........................

Hey, this is fun. Anyone want to join in and make this a weekly event?

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Shana said...

Isn;t it funny the things we remember? I remember the smell of Titan Philly cigars because that is what my grandpa smoked and I still love the smell of them and I hate that he died of lung cancer from smoking.

Jenners said...

It always amazes me the specific and little things that stand out. I have lots of specific memories and oddly enough, they are of "small" moments ... not necessarily the "big" moments. And I love that you and your husband have such a long history!

Foursons said...

Love this post. I groaned when I read about your shower accident.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks for that walk down memory lane with you. It is fun to look back and think of the details we remember.

shortmama said...

I have a lot of memories that stand out like that! This would be a fun weekly meme!

stephanie said...

that brought back some great memories... like playing atari with my grandpa and the hideous flower wall paper and blue carpet in my little girl bedroom.

good stuff, good stuff...

Heatherlyn said...

I remember playing video games with my grandfather. Pitfall Harry, to be exact. He passed away when I was in the 6th grade.

I love your list of memories though!