August 21, 2009

Kids and Sports

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I have two boys.
Boys full of energy.
Boys who need to run off some of that energy.
So we have always had them in some sort of physical recreational sport.

Not all at once of course but we try to sign them up for 1-2 each season.
Some they have enjoyed.
Others...umm...not so much.
Right now they play baseball and love it. And selfishly, we love to watch them....especially when we see their smile after hitting the ball and making it to first, second or third base.

There is no better feeling than watching your children accomplish goals they set for themselves.

There is no better feeling than seeing your children smile.

I digress.

My question(s) for you this week.

Do your kids play sports?
How do you deal with it when they play something they do not enjoy?
How do you decide to stop signing them up for a sport?
Do your kids have the final decision at any age?
How long do you "force" them to stick it out?
Or do you let them quit when it is no longer fun?

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I am Harriet said...

My kids did sports and it's one of those things you have to weigh out. If the kids is really unhappy or seriously not for that sport, it may be worth reconsidering.

Have a great Friday!

Gigi said...

Boy you've been busy! Three posts almost all at once. I bow to thee.

My son plays sports - well, a sport. He plays football and loves every minute of it. When he was small he played baseball - but didn't love it. His last year playing he wanted to quit but as the season was almost over we told him he couldn't because he had a responsiblity to the team. When he started playing pee-wee football (which had me jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof), the first year was great. The second, not so much because of the coach. Before the games even began he wanted to quit. When asked why he told me he didn't like the coach's method of coaching and since I didn't like the coach at all or his methods, I told him he could quit since the season hadn't started BUT he had to tell the coach why he was leaving. The little guy manned up and told him; which absolutely astounded the coach. Ever since then we've had great coaches. And my son still has an enthusiasm for the game (which still leaves my heart in my throat sometimes as I watch).

{Kiki} said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Lil' D takes swim and tennis lessons. He asked to take soccer, but we will wait until he is six. His attention span is too short right now to focus playing a team sport. I will be that awful parent yelling on the sidelines, and I don't want to be that parent. I'm highly competitive. I think he would have a better chance at getting into college with swimming, tennis, and golf. Aloha and take care.

Shelly said...

My son tried soccer and stuck with it until he was about 7. Then he decided it just wasn't fun having to run through a drive-up window after practice and then rush to eat it in the car before going to church activities. So I let him quit. I don't want to force him to do something that isn't fun anymore. But I did not let him quit until the season was over; I think if you sign up for something you should follow it through.

blueviolet said...

They need to stick through the whole first season but when it comes time to sign up again, they don't have to if they didn't enjoy it. I just like them to try things out and fulfill the initial commitment.

Anonymous said...

We enter the season on the understanding that they have made a commitment and have to finish the season. whether they play again is up to them, but we retain veto power, based on time, money or whatever.

Swoozie said...

My kids are still pretty young (3 and 1 1/2) but I imagine they will play sports since both me and my husband are sports-minded. I see hockey in our future since our 3 yr old has a hockey stick and skates already. Course his little sister is liking hockey already as well. Must be from watching their daddy play hockey!

Foursons said...

We do baseball in my home. They love it and no one has wanted to quit yet, so I can't answer your questions. :)

Lilith Silvermane said...

My 14 year old son is in freshman football this year for his high school. It has been a dream of mine my whole life! I am from Texas... we breath football... here in Colorado, they are not as obsessed but... it doesn't stop it for me.

Nothing like the smell of pigskin and soda on a friday evening! Bring on high school football!!

I never pushed my kids in sports, when my son entered middle school he played EVERYTHING... that helped him manage weight and temperment.

My daughters were in ROTC drill team, that petered out. I never pushed them to join.. they did it on their own.

Jennifer said...

I have three teen boys. When they were younger they were not forced to be in any sport they did not enjoy. Sports should be fun! Now, in HS, they do one sport in the fall and one in the spring, otherwise there would be no time for homework. All three of my teens are runners, so it is year round and it is a sport they each decided upon and will carry with them through life.

TheAngelForever said...

My oldest just turned 6. I would love for him to play soccer/baseball or another team sport. We have not been able to find a league that does not meet on Saturday, so we keep holding out. In lieu I will likely sign him up for swimming which is great for his low muscle tone.

Good luck with everything.

Erin @ Closing Time said...

My kids are ages 5 and 3. We haven't signed them up for any sports yet. We are probably more likely to sign them up for ballet. I am not sure of the answers to your other questions...we haven't had to face those yet!

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

My girls are young but expressing an interest in soccer and gymnastics. I am happy to sign them up, and unless they became serious, I would let them stop when they wanted to. If they were competitive (I was a competitive gymnast) and wanted to quit, I wold ask them to give it more time, but then let them stop if they wanted to. I was miserable continuing when I didn't feel it was ok to stop...

Hi, Lane said...

I danced from 3-6, when my parents took me out. When I was 15, I wanted to pick it back up. I regret not staying in it for all those years, but it hasn't made some huge difference on my life. And when I was 12, I decided I wanted to play softball and I absolutely LOVED it. I played for the next 8 years, and cringe at the thought that now I'd have to play in the adult league. My mom wanted me to play basketball (her sport) & even tried to bribe me by telling me I could go to public school if I would play. I think your kids will pick exactly what they want to do & if you put them in something they don't enjoy, they'll let you know.

WackyMummy said...

All great comments. :)

I like the ideas of making them get through the season once it's started, and taking responsibility for it. My little guy's only 3, and he got bored with soccer towards the end of the "season" (1/2 hour once a week for 2 months). Who knows next year?!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I don't have kids so I'll just answer about when I was young. I was in dance and did that for 14 years before I grew tired of it. My parents were sad when I quit but there was no pushing me to continue.

My brother mainly did soccer and baseball growing up. He did quit baseball a few times but it was another one of those where he was bored with it and tired so my parents didn't complain. That was also about the time they started the crazy out of town tournaments every darn weekend. So it all worked out.

Jenners said...

We're just starting down this road. My son is almost 5 and he has been doing karate for 8 months now and he LOVES it! He tried soccer in the spring and loved it (especially the trophy) so we're trying it again. My husband and I promised ourselves that we won't force him but we won't let him "quit" just if it is hard ... he has to give it a good try before stopping.

Pamela M. Kramer said...

We tried
Karate - he ended up hating it after Dad stopped going. We didn't make him go any more.
Baseball - He just played in the dirt. He was so bored. He finished the season.
Basketball - He liked it better than baseball but didn't make a lot of baskets. He finished the season.
Soccer - He's been here for 7 seasons. lol - He can quit if he wants to but after the season is over. He always has the option NOT to sign up for the season but he loves the game.

Heatherlyn said...

Sports decisions are so unique to each child. Some kids are uber talented and don't need to play a sport for years to jump right in as a teenager and excell. Obviously, other kids will only do well when they are older if they've played the same sport for years (and miraculously don't have burn out).

Our rule has been that if you sign up for a season you have to finish that season. That's a good lesson in being a part of a team.

My oldest son is not very good at sports. He's played basketball and baseball. I wouldn't even think of putting him in football. He's just not athletic. He got along fine with his team in baseball and seemed to like it but when I signed him up again in the fall he indicated that he really didn't like to play. Afraid of getting hit with a stray pitch. He said he'd like to swim because it's a no-contact sport. But I don't want to drive to the indoor pool on a regular basis. It's a touch far.

So, we signed him up for Karate. He can go with a freind. I don't think he's totally crazy about the idea. But it will be good for him. I hope that he doesn't quit.

My other kids are young enough that they are just beginning their journeys of what they like. So far, I have one who seems to love dance. We will see if the younger one likes it too. And in the spring I promised to sign up two kids for soccer.

I think young children are still figuring out what they like. It's part of the process. If they've tried it once and really don't like it I'd just not sign them up for that particular sport again.