August 24, 2009

Not My Children! Monday

Only 2 weeks and 1 day until the first day of school but who is counting?! Certainly not this mother. way. This mother enjoys every second with her demanding, messy, bossy children. This mother enjoys cleaning up booboos, cleaning dirty bums and cleaning mud off of the kitchen floor 18 times a day . Really.

My children would not run through the house with their muddy rubber boots on. Nope, never.

And they most certainly would not tell their dear mother to "relax" as she loudly told them to take their boots off before entering the house for the kazillionth time.

My children do not think it is fashionable to wear their rubber boots with bare feet...all day...every day....out in public. And they definitely do not think it is good fashion sense to wear their rubber boots to people's homes for a visit.

Bare feet + rubber boots= STINKARAMA!

Middle child does not have a designated outfit titled "Work Clothes" that he only wears when "working" outside with Daddy (including underwear). But lets just say if he would most definitely not be an argument to allow Mommy to wash this outfit. He is not the argumentative type. Nope, not him. *cough*

Oldest child did not wear the same outfit two days in a row last week....twice.

Both boys did not play a baseball game underwear-less. I mean seriously, why would they want to pick out their "wedgies" all through the game???

Princess did not come this close -> <- to knocking over an entire skid of BBQ sauce at Costco yesterday. But if she did, the only thing that stopped her was Daddy yelling and Mommy jumping to catch it before it fell.

My children do not want one of these as a pet. Ok, they do......

Oldest child is not so lazy that he put his bathing trunks over his pyjama bottoms and went like that to swimming lessons.

Underwear+pj bottoms+bathing trunks=uncomfortable.

While enjoying a family outing, middle child did not whine the entire afternoon because he wanted an ice cream.

And if he did, his wonderful, intelligent parents would not then get him an ice cream.

And then let him eat his brother's.

That would be bad parenting.

Terrible parenting.

We know better than that.


Happy Monday Y'all!!!!

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Drahdrah said...

The rubber boots must be adorable (until they take them off). Ahhh... my daughter just turned 1. I have so much to look forward to !.

Carrin said...

What is it with older kids. My son tries to wear the same clothes over and over again all.the.time! I think he thinks that he looks cool in that outfit so he wears it all the time!

Foursons said...

Oh gosh, there's so much to say I don't think I can say anything at all! Except that my kids started school TODAY! :D

Anonymous said...

oh S.T.I.N.K.Y feet!!!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

We had a rubber boot phase! I think at that point I was so happy they could get shoes on by themselves, I didn't care. Except that I had the same pair of boots in two sizes so occasionally we would leave the house with two left that fit and one that was about 3 sizes too big! Oops!

Heatherlyn said...

Never a dull moment for you! Your kids are funny though! And super entertaining!

Jen said...

your family cracks me up. I just want to know, why the no underwear? refusal or none clean?

Elaine A. said...

You have such good kids!! ; ) And mine would never do any of that stuff either. We're so lucky.... (wink, wink)

Shana said...

This was too funny. Thanks for the laugh.