October 02, 2009

Baby Gear Must Haves and Don't Needs

After carrying and birthing three children, I consider myself a Goddess.
After raising three bratty monsters and still having a bit of my sanity left, I consider myself a Saint.

I admit that while pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my angels, I got somewhat carried away in all of the baby sections at the stores.
Magazines tell you what you must have so they must be right.
Television shows have some cool stuff so I ahd to have it all.
My children would not be deprived of any baby gear.


I have learned alot.

Alot of the "stuff" did not get used by us. Sure, everyone is different but I will just let you in on what we liked...and didnt like.

In no particular order, and thanks to Yahoo Images, here we go. Strap into your high tech computer chair and read away.

Fisher Price Aquarium was used by all three children. Each one loved it! I, myself do not enjoy changing the batteries so it has hung on Princess' crib for months not able to work.

Why buy a high chair that takes up space when you can strap one of these on your chair and include your child at the dinner table? It is also easy to clean and easy to travel with.
I admit it. I fell into the baby-wearing phase for my third child and bought three carriers. One like this and two sling "things". I used them about 3 times.
Pack and Play. Best baby item EVER!
Playmat. These got me through the first few months. Really. Plop your baby down and they are entertained for a few minutes while you get dinner ready.
Bouncy chairs. Ok, this may be the best baby invention ever. All three of my kids spent hours and hours in these.
Bassinet. Waste of money. None of my kids would dare sleep in it.
Sleep positioner. Never used it. But I spent $20 on one that had cutesy designs on it.
Boppy. I never used it for breastfeeding. But I did use it to prop them up under their playmat.
Drumroll please.......

ba dum dum dum......

Are you ready for my favourite thing for new moms? It is a must have and I might even buy some when they are cheaper..........


Now go on over and see Kelly for more baby gear must haves and dont needs.

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Shana said...

You are so right. I had so much crap that I didn't use. I sold stuff or traded it at a local children's consignment store for stuff we would use like his exersaucer and bigger clothes and stuff. Oh well, live and learn and if next time ever does come I know what I need and don't need.

Foursons said...

I have wondered about those new Bumbo chairs. How useful are they really? We used our swing a LOT.

Carrin said...

I used that high chair thing and LOVED it! I had a super small kitchen so it worked out perfectly!

Heatherlyn said...

I love your top quote! That's fantastic!!!!! And I would like to get some spanx. Maybe someday, soon. It seems a much better option than exercize!!!

Jen said...

Great post. I also got sucked into buying the latest and greatest for all three of mine and then only used half the stuff. Off to look into getting me some spanx... :)

Shana said...

A lot of people swear by the Bumbo but seriously i used it 2 times and took it back to walmart.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I think this is about the third post I've read today on the beauty of Spandx. I'm thinking I need to get some!

Jen said...

Spanx, LOVE me some Spanx.

Jen said...

Spanx, LOVE me some Spanx.

Jenners said...

You're right ... there is so much stuff you become convinced you need when you don't know any better and 80% of it is a waste of time!

I need me some Spanx.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Glad I found your blog. It seemed like we bought everything that anyone said we needed when our baby was born. We never used the diaper genie and our little guy didn't care for the swing. We passed the swing on and now it's used every day.

Hmmm, Spanx...I think I need some because I don't see exercise coming back to my life anytime soon.

Fresh Mommy said...

Such a great list... and I love Spanx!!! LOL