December 04, 2009

Guest Post by an Awesome Blogger

When I started blogging it was strictly as a form of therapy.
I was a new mom, at home and away from the outside world experiencing many "new" moments.
Some wonderful.
Some not so wonderful.
And I found that writing it allowed me to keep what little sanity I had left.
Then I realized I actually enjoyed writing.
And I met wonderful "friends".

Like this girl.
She is swell.
She is a devoted reader.
She is a friend.

And I am a lucky gal to have a friend like her.
Isn't blogging wonderful?

My dear friend Foursons wrote a post for my blog. Told you she is swell.
Now what I want you to do is read her post and then go on over to her blog to see how incredibly awesome and funny she is.
You will be happy you did.

I am guest blogging on Momma's blog today. And I must say, I am humbled, flattered, and just a tad bit scared to be given such an honor. Hopefully I’ll entertain all of you lovely Live.Laugh. Pull your hair out followers as much as Momma does and no one will run away screaming, “Why, why, why…..WWWHHHHYYYY!”


In retrospect, I wouldn't say it was my best idea. But you know how high school girls think they have all the answers and no one can tell them differently. Well, I was a planned fashion faux pas. That's right. Don't be jealous or hatin' on me. I know everyone wanted to be me in high school- but it took work to be that cool. And work I did.

I entered my high school career as a band geek. Now before you spit your coffee or Dr. Pepper all over your computer screen from the hilarity of that realization let me just say that I quit 1/2 way through my junior year. So there. Ahem. Anyways, being a band geek meant marching band started a full month before school actually started. I woke up at 6 am every morning my last month of summer and showed up on the practice field to learn the routines that we would perform during football games and at competition.

I was a nervous wreck that first week being around all those old upperclassmen. They were so cool. They already knew the school's fight song and could play it while marching at the same time from memory. And even more than that epitome of coolness....they could drive. Wow- these kids were so cool.

Well one morning I managed to attract the attention of the cool kids. That's right. Little old me- lowly freshman had the attention of the cool upperclassmen . And how did I manage such a feat? I made the coolest, hottest, most awesome of all fashion statements. I did not match my socks to my clothes that day. (This was back in the day when colored ankle socks were all the rage.) Yup, my unmatching socks drew the attention of those boys and from that moment on I knew I was onto something. Uh huh. I deliberately starting wearing mismatched clothing every single day to band practice and I was awesome.

And don't you dare think this kind of fashion trend was easy folks. Oh no. Not a chance of that. I worked at creating those masterpiece ensembles. Every night before bed I would pick out my outfit for the next day and make sure it was perfectly unmatched. It was all the rage...for no one but me. But that didn't matter. The upperclassmen knew me. They knew the girl who couldn't match her clothes. They didn't know my friends who wore perfectly coordinated clothing.

And that ladies and gentlemen...that's how I attempted to make this world a better place. You're welcome.

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Gigi said...

I can only assume that this guest blogger is from Texas - hence the line "before you spit your coffee or DR PEPPER all over your computer screen...."

Fabulous story!! Isn't it funny how we "fall" into things by accident!!

Foursons said...

OK Gigi- explain how that line gave me away please! Yes I'm from TX- S. Central TX to be more exact. :)

Gigi said...

Cause I'm from Texas!
The "DP" gave it away!

I hail from Houston. And I'll definitely be checking out your blog tomorrow!

Foursons said...

Well howdy! Are you an Aggie too? Not saying that I am. Actually I'm not a Longhorn either. Anyways- I'm about 4 hours south of you. My sister lives in Clearlake. (Is it one word?) And you got snow today right? Tons of it is my understanding. If you call 5 inches tons which I totally do.

Gigi said...

An Aggie? No. A Longhorn only because my son is a fan - I certainly don't care. Actually, I'm no longer in Houston - but was born and raised there and head back on occasion. My son was born in Clear Lake (two words) and we lived pretty close to there.

I'm off to visit your blog now that we've totally hijacked this one! ;-)

Emily said...

Julie, is that you snagged your hubby too? ;P

Nocona said...

Yet another reminder Julie of the wonder of our friendship. Opposited attract. Cute blog. I forget that Dr. Pepper is a Texas thing. That's funny.

Tamara said...

I loved this story...the whole time I was reading it I was thinking of Meg from Family Guy. lol The episode when she was on the football field as a flag girl trying to get the attention of the cool kids. lol
Great Job as guest blogger :)

{Kimber} said...

congrats on being a "guest blogger"
love the story!!
wish it had pics!! hehe

Shell said...

Cute story!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Congrat to Julie for the SUPER fun guest post! Great story...unfortunately I could relate to your high school self in more than one way:)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

almost died laughing at you! You are a unmatched hooT!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

She still doesn't match her clothes!

Love ya Julie!

Rachel said...

I am still lost with the Dr. Pepper is a Texas thing...? Or am I just that uncool? :)

We love you Julie - congrats on the guest post! And yeah, I wanna see the picture proof too!

You are one silly chick - always memorable, huh? :)