December 29, 2009

Random thoughts about Disney characters

C'mon. I know everyone thinks this stuff. Maybe they just don't say it out loud. So I will do it for you.

While at Disney, oldest child had his autograph book and was on a mission to get as many characters to sign it as he could.

Ok, who am I kidding? I was on a mission and when I saw a short line, I neglected my family, other tourists and all thoughts of safety so I could get a spot in line.

Because oldest child needed an autograph.

But as I watched these characters, many thoughts popped up in my 34 year old stay at home mom brain.

I hope these characters get paid alot of money.

I hope Disney did extensive background checks because if I see one very large hand grope a bum or boob, I am taking them down.

Don't they get hot?

I bet they have days when they just want to backhand screaming children.

Or yell at them.

How do they always stay so quiet?

It must be hard to dance around to the Disney songs and not belt out the words.

Does every character have the same autograph every single time?

Do they go back to the character staff room and talk about the ugly kids?

When they go home at night, are they the grumpiest people in the Universe?

Can I get a job being Minnie Mouse?

Only if they pay me alot.

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Pollyanna said...

I can't imagine being one of the characters that have wear the heads. I'd want to be a princess because you just dress up in pretty clothes. Now, if only Disney would make up a mid-thirties, grossly over weight, crotchey mom type of princess, I'd be in business!

CaJoh said...

Do they just stand around waiting for their picture to be taken, or is there some central place to go to get it done. One would get pretty depressed to see that everybody's going over to Micky and not you.

Thanks for you randomness,

Otter Thomas said...

It must be terribly hot and smelly in those costumes. I could never do it. I have never thought about the autographs. I am now intrigued.

I am Harriet said...

My kids went through that character thing too. Once we got home they forgot all about it.

Have a great Tuesday.

Heatherlyn said...

I would definitely want to be one of the princesses because they don't have to wear those masks. Seriously, don't they get neck strain from the weight? And I know it has got to be really hot. Maybe they have ice inside or something.

Helena said...

same autographs? yeah - they go to autograph school. They must - cause I compared books, signatures,'s awesome! LOL. and I secretly wanted to be Mary Poppins and secretly thought the girl they had playing Belle from Beauty and the Beast was from being "beauty"...bad huh!?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I would make an excellent Eeyore.

Nat said...

Haha I actually have wondered most of that stuff. It is a Disney mystery, I guess.