January 04, 2010

Disney in Pictures

Have I mentioned that we recently went to Disney?

Only about 345 times?

We went to Disney.

Make that 346.

On this day where we are buried in snow and the temperature will not get above -20{celsius}, (That is very cold for those of you who dont know. ) I can't help but think of the warm temperatures, the lush green gardens and how much fun we had.

So I give you pictures of our day at Animal Kingdom.

The Tree!


A man with a very big.........lens!

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Hi, Lane said...

I just did the google conversion on that & it's -4F!! I'm going to quit complaining now about how it was 20F when I woke up and how I had to let my car run for 5 minutes before I could get in it. I'm quite certain my car would've run out of gas before I got in it if it were -4F outside!!

Heatherlyn said...

Love the tree and the fluffy red flower!!!

Yep, it's COLD where you are. I'd be all snuggled up under a blanket by the fire trying to read a book ... ignoring my kids. :)

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