February 02, 2010


It's Tuesday again! Yay for randomness!!! Story of my life.

*So I am totally hooked on the Bachelor. Yes, I thought he was a dork but I am quickly realizing that he just may be a good guy who genuinely wants a wife. I just cannot understand how a very good looking pilot couldn't find someone on his own. Hmmmm.....

My prediction. He will pick Tenley...Tinley....Findlay....whatever her name is. And if he doesn't pick her, than I will, just because she is so dog-gone adorable!

*I have a new girl crush. Katy Perry. Just sayin'.

*I was at the mall the other day and parked close to the Food Court area. Before I even got out of the Mommavan, I could smell the food. I almost cried because my fat ass cant have a poutine.........

*1 month into the diet. 1 month without chocolate. 1 month without carbonated beverages. The only drink I have had is friggin water!!! WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone shoot me.

Ok...please don't.


*I have a sick child. A sick vomiting child. I do not deal with vomit well as seen here. So when my husband left for work and I was left with all three children including one who was vomiting, I almost had a panic attack. Give me the messiest poopy diaper ever, and I can deal with that without any issues. Give me a child throwing up blue birthday cake from the day before and I just want to run away and hide. But that wouldn't be the right thing to do. Mothers don't do that. So I cleaned it up, rubbed his back and kissed his sick little head.

Then I walked to the other room and gagged and practically bathed in hand sanitizer.

I am sure my Mother of the Year Award will arrive in the mail shortly.


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Kat said...

I made an emergency trip to McD's on Sunday because of a Big Mac craving. Not easy when you live in the middle of nowhere England.

Jen said...

I admire your will power. Wow, no chocolate for a month. Wow.

Foursons said...

Wow- so how much weight have you lost? I don't think I could go for a whole month without chocolate AND caffeine. The headaches would be horrendous.

Heatherlyn said...

I feel the exact same way about throw up. And poop too. I'm also not crazy about blood. Yuck. Hope your little guy feels better soon!!!!!

I am Harriet said...

I've had similar food court experiences myself.

Have a great Tuesday!

Shana said...

Oh the vomit. I am so there with you. We had our share of it last week. I can handle any diaper too but vomit makes me so queasy.

Miss Angie said...

I heart Katy Perry, she's fantastic. Totally understand your crush on her. =)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am impressed!! I am just at the beginning of restarting my weight loss journey and I build one day a week where I allow myself a treat. I know I would never stick to it, if I didn't do that.

I can't handle vomit yuckies either.

Elaine A. said...

What's a poutine?

I bow down to your no-chocolate self, Seriously.

Sorry 'bout the puke. i can't handle it either.

Jac said...

I am SO with you on the puke.... By the way- you are hilarious. :) Totally enjoyed reading your blog today!

Kekibird said...

Sorry about the vomitous childous but that picture of Katy Perry makes it seem a little better.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Tenley is a little toooooo sweet for me. She gives me cavities.
No chocolate, no soda? You have my sympathy. {{{hugs}}} [[[stealing your share of chocolate]]]

Jenny said...

You have got some willpower. I have to force myself to drink water.

Sorry you have a sick child. I am in the same boat, I guess that lovely virus is everywhere.

Jenners said...

It is worth it. It is worth it.

And Katy Perry is cute. I wonder if she kisses girls ... and if she likes it?

And we had vomit here as well. Totally horrific.