February 23, 2010


Happy Tuesday! It's a wonderful day isn't it? Just because it is cold, dreary and snowy doesn't mean anything. We are alive and breathing. Lets celebrate today because we are breathing and because it is random thought day.

I like Random Tuesday.

*Lets discuss the Olympics shall we?
I want a job at the Olympics. I want them to hire me and pay me big bucks to take pictures at this event. Am I the only person who cannot take her eyes off of the men's *ahem* muscles??? Holy crap!

*In my next life I want to be a snowboarder. Or a skater. Or a skier.

Or...well...just athletic.

Just sayin'.

*I have not been blessed with many talents. Sure, I am double-jointed and great at multi-tasking, but I am not athletic. I cannot play a musical instrument. I cant sing. Watching all of these young {muscular} athletes makes me think that I need to do more with my life. They make me feel like I am nothing. *sniff*

I want to win a medal.


Is there a competition for Mothers who can yell the loudest?

I would win that one.

*So I went out on the weekend with some fantabulous folks. We ate. We drank. {water for me} We danced. We took pictures. Someone got a hold of my camera and took pictures of Momma on the dance floor groovin'. When I viewed these pictures the next day I noticed that while I was groovin, my shirt was up and my pants were down.....which means my gut was hanging out. After I cleaned up the vomit and cried, I composed myself enough to send everyone a message informing them that if they dare posted any such pictures on Facebook or anywhere else, I would be forced to post unflattering pictures of them and egg their houses.

Advice from Momma "Threatening your loved ones works"

*I am fat.

*Why didn't I wear a different shirt?

*My new weight loss goal is 50 pounds.

*I am thinking of starving myself

*Speaking of being fat, I can no longer say I have given up chocolate. I ate chocolate chips.

Momma is a chocoholic.

Momma cannot give it up.

Damn you good food!!!!!

*Princess has had bronchitis for the last week. Many times I thought about moving. Running away. I am knee deep in green snot and sickie germs that I just want to fly somewhere and not deal with any of it.

I swear I deserve the Mother of the Year Award.

Maybe there is a medal for that.


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I am Harriet said...

Speed skating is pretty exciting. One of the speed skaters use to sit next to my son in band :)

Have a great RTT!

♥ Kathy said...

I can't resist chocolate either :)

Foursons said...

I could give you a run for your money on who yells the loudest. I've had lots of practice.

Heatherlyn said...

I think a little bit of chocolate chips, especially if they are dark chocolate, is actually healthy and part of a balanced diet. :)

I like the idea of the mother olympics. Who can find 100 items in 30 minutes or less at the local grocery store with 3 kids in tow ... using coupons too! I don't think I'd win that one. But there could be some fun events. It would make a fun reality tv show! :)

I'm sorry you've had to deal with sickie germs. That's the worst! That SHOULD come with a medal!

The Crazy Coxes said...

YES! I want to be a freestyle snowboarder who "invents" new moves. I'm with you - maybe in my next life.

Happy Random!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Have you seen that Canadian curler?

Shelly said...

The Olympics have been fun to watch. eye candy is good.

So is chocolate.

Happy RTT

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog! I agree, would love, love, love to photoshoot something important like the Olympics!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh com'on now you've got us all wantin to see those groovin pics!

I wish I had that dude's calves!

(Is that how you spell it? Oh well, you know I'm talking about those huge balls of muscle on his lower legs right? Not a baby cow.)

WackyMummy said...

You'll win it. No problem. =)

Jenners said...

I swear I will send you a medal if you post that photo of you dancing!!!