March 01, 2010

McFatty Monday!!!!

Mc{Fatty}Momma is breaking herself away from partying with the rest of Canada after her country won the gold medal in men's {and women's} hockey so just know how special you are.

Ok, I am at home in my jammies with my hubby and senior snoring dog but it is a party in here.


I took a Nyquil.

Party on Dude.

Lets discuss my new healthy living lifestyle shall we?

After 8 weeks I am down almost 17 pounds and my body has rid itself of almost 25 inches of fat.

It has been difficult.

Very {frickin} difficult.

I still dream of these

and this
and would do anything to have a greasy burger and poutine right now, but the willpower is working full time.

With overtime.

It is tough.

But oh so worth it.

When I try on my clothing and don't see rolls or muffin tops, I give myself a pat on the back for not purchasing the huge bag of Mini Eggs I saw at Costco. When my belt notch moves further, I praise myself for only eating 3 chocolate chips instead of 167.

When I drink my 290th glass of water, I imagine it is an orange Kool Aid or glass of pop.



So basically what I am saying is that losing the weight and feeling better about myself is so much better than sitting down and pigging out on crap food. When I am having a tough day, I think of this

and how much I don't want to wear tight clothing anymore. Muffin tops are so not in right now.

Check in with this fabulous gal to see how much progress she has made.

And then have some celery but think of it as licorice........

or at least try.

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Jenny said...

You go girl, I need to rid myself of the the muffin really is so last year ;)

Foursons said...

Wow- good for you! I'm getting closer to getting motivated. Trying anyways.

Heatherlyn said...

It feels good to be healthy. Good for you!!! It takes a lot of will power to change your life!

Blair said...

You are awesome! 17 lbs!

& I totally thought I was the only one that pounded back 500 cookies in one sitting. We are Sisters of the Chocolate Chips.

Krista said...

I had TWO cadbury cream eggs this week... yikes. I considered that moderation :)

Jenners said...

Congrats ... I need to seriously work on my own muffin tops!!