March 02, 2010


*I hate my skin. It is full of freckles, new wrinkles every week and now I have 2 honkin zits. I am almost 35 years old for f^&*# sakes!

*How on earth do you pronounce the name "Siobhan"????

*Tell me what makes a kid think it is ok to urinate on the yard in -10 degree weather? I don't get it. Never will. Have I ever told you about the time one of my children took a dump on my neighbours front lawn????

*What will I do with my Monday evenings now that The Bachelor is finished???

*I have noticed that my Followers list is not moving. Ok, it is and it is going down and I am totally devastated. *sniff* I must find out the secret to increasing my readers.

*Speaking of Readers. I still don't understand what they are.

*The Olympics. I am sad they are finished. I am frickin ecstatic that Canada kicked ass and finished with the most gold medals ever.

I am to the moon excited that our men's {and women's} hockey team won gold.

Lets look at some pictures shall we??

Sidney Crosby. The guy who scored the overtime winning goal. The guy many, many women probably want to marry. Oh look. The score. And Canada's flag. In the middle. That means gold medal baby.
Gold medal. Right here my friends. Right here.

Hockey truly is Canada's sport.

Happy Tuesday peeps!!!!


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Anonymous said...

LOL at the lil one peeing in the cold! I have all girls, so I never had to experience this, but If I did, Im sure it would provide a great chuckle! Great randomness!

Jen said...

I know how you feel, I hate when one of my shows is over. Then I'm like, what in the world will I do now?! And that picture of your little one peeing is soooo hilarious!!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Shana said...

You pronounce the name Shuh vonn. I went to school with a girl named that. Don't men think they can pee anywhere??

Mom in High Heels said...

LOL! Great randomness. I'm actually happy that Canada won the gold in hockey. You can read all about it over on my RTT. And Shana is right. It's pronounced Shuh vonn. I've also heard it pronounced Shee vonn, but I think either are acceptable.

♥ Kathy said...

If you mean like what "Subscribe in a reader" means that that gives you an RSS feed on your homepage so you can get a snippet of newest posts :)

Heatherlyn said...

I agree that it isn't fair AT ALL to have wrinkles AND zits. NO FAIR! One or the other (and neither is preferred).

Don't worry too much about your readers. You have one of the most interesting consistently fabulous blogs that I've read.

Bluegrass Daddy said...

Want more readers? Blog about your husband more....

Jenny said...

I am right there with ya with the wrinkles and the zits :( I thought once you hit a certain age your teenage years were behind you....wrong.

I can totally see my son peeing in -10 degree weather outside.

I am Harriet said...

Try Friday Followers- you'll get lots of follows :)

Enjoy your RTT.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I want to read about pooping in the yard! Hubs said this morning he was having Olympic withdrawals!

Foursons said...

I love the shot of your boy peeing outside. Classic. Congrats on the gold!

Hilary Lane said...

If you mean you don't understand a Reader like Google Reader, if you go to and use the e-mail and password that you use to log into blogger, it should allow you to log in and show all of the blogs that you officially "Follow" on the left side and when you select one, it should show their last ten posts. Each time you click on a post, it marks as "read" and it disappears. And if that's not what you meant, forget I said anything!!! :-)

Christy said...

hmmm...once the Olympics started, I realized that almost every person I clicked on is Canadian...hmmm...I watched that hockey husband was sad. I'm a new follower!!!!!!!

WackyMummy said...

So much going on here. I'll just say, hope you find a new show to watch soon to replace a) the olympics, b) The Bachelor, c) kids peeing in frickin' cold weather, and especially d) your child pooping on someone's lawn.

Yay for Canada, eh?

Jenners said...

Don't stress about your follower list. Things go up and down for no apparent reason. I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago!!

And I'd like to formally congratulate Canada on your Olympic success!!! Well done!

Design it Chic said...

Oh the kid peeing is so funny! And looking forward to the dump on the lawn story:):):)
Kudos to Canada and all the medals;)
Happy Random! Sorry I am kind of late, but never too late for Randomness!