April 22, 2010


Mama's Losin' It

Joy is allowing your children to have your (non-DSLR) camera and finding some awesome captures.
Like this one of our stroller in front of the house my Grandfather was born in.

Joy is seeing a close-up picture that your child took of himself.....with a clean face
Joy is seeing the old apple tree in front of my Grandparents house. One that I never notice as it has been there for a gazillion years.
Joy is knowing that my boy likes his bike so much that he took a picture of it.
Joy is knowing that my child meant to get a picture of what looks like a human carrying a bicycle {right side}, but instead captured a beautiful scenic pic of a field.
Joy is seeing the moments my child saw through the lens.


Amanda said...

What a cute idea for a post!!! Love the pictures :)

Foursons said...

He did a great job! I may have to steal this idea from you.

KLZ said...

That last picture is priceless. Isn't it awesome to see how your kids view their family?

Well, until they're teenagers I guess.

Tylaine said...

Cute pictures!
Just found your blog from Mama Kat's. Glad I did!

Bri said...

Joy was my topic today, too ~ and my first time to join Mama Kat's blog carnival. Pleased to 'meet' your blog. Awesome pictures :)

Megan said...

Very cute post!




Stef said...

I loved this post! How cool!! Seeing the world through a child's lens. Pretty impressive, actually!

amy said...

Pure Joy! Great idea.

Jenners said...

I loved this! We let our Little One use the (nonDSLR) camera too and his photos were really interseting ... the perspective was so different and what he saw was so different (like you said with the tree). Great post!

panamamama said...

So sweet!