May 26, 2010

Do-Over Wedding

What a co-inky-dink. I was just telling my Mom the other day that I am so happy that the "planning a wedding" part of my life is long past.

When I hear about others who are just engaged and in the beginning stages of planning their wedding, I get hives and panic attacks for them because it just isn't my "thing" to plan once in a lifetime events.

Stress and Momma do not like each other.

Mr. Momma and I were married almost 10 years ago. We had a long engagement and traditional winter wedding
Church ceremony.
Formal pictures.
Sit down catered meal.
Lots of drunk guests.

And we don't speak to half of them anymore.  Not because they were drunk at our wedding, but because people change and lives change.

Soooooo......if someone were to pay me a million bucks to plan and go through another wedding, this is what I would do.

*See my doctor for an increased dosage of my happy pills and some plastic surgery .
*Invite close family and our closest friends
*Fly to a tropical island with everyone
*Buy a simple dress like this
*Have lots of pink flowers because I like them
*Wear lots of bling
*Marry my Prince.  His name is also Mr. Momma.
*Have a huge party

Then spend 2 weeks lounging on the beach doing absolutely nothing and loving every second of it.

You wanna come? 

Go see MamaKat.  She is swell.


Emily said...

Haha - thanks for planning this for us.

WackyMummy said...

Wow, yes! That's a great wedding. I'm so happy to be invited. ;)

Christy said...

hahaha, I would totally go to an island resort if I could too!

alicia said...

Dang, if you're payin that sounds rockin. lol.

Heatherlyn said...

Oh yes, put me on the guest list.

I love the dress!

I'm not much of a wedding planner type. I'm more of a get married in the courthouse and then spend 2 weeks on a tropical island honeymooning type. But I'd still buy the dress and hire a photographer to take wedding pictures of me and my honey ... just without all the family and guests and stuff. Who needs all that stress?

brainella said...

That sounds a LOT like mine! :)

Terie said...

WOW yeah I've seen some real issue with wedding planning and families breaking up over this event. That's so not the way to start a long life together. I'm with you, spend the money on a simple ceremony and the rest of the time and money being happy together in some distant land, island, mountain, whatever soothes you.

Perfectly Phillips said...

We were married 10 years ago too, and I'd totally take all of your advice if I had a Do-Over Wedding:)

Katie's Dailies said...

We had a pretty straight forward wedding, a tiny one, but like you, I wouldn't want to do it over again. I think one wedding per lifetime is enough! ; )

Jen said...

Totally want to be there. :)

Jenners said...

Yes ... I want to come. I'll be the guest that never leaves.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to come. Can hubby come too?

Stoppoing by from Mama Kat's. I enjoyed your do-over!

Coby said...

Visiting from Mama Kat...I am SO at your wedding! Love it!!!

I'm with you...I'm not so great at planning once in a lifetime events. Daily meals? Yes. Daily hygiene rituals? I'm on it! Weddings...not so much.

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

Hehe, your "dream" wedding do-over describes my wedding. Heck, only close friends and immediate family got to come to the ceremony...mainly b/c we got married by a pond at the neighbours. I wouldn't change the day one bit!