June 18, 2010


Soooo, it is Friday, and, like I promised, I looked into this Linky thing and am attempting it for the first time ever.

This is huge people.

Lets hope I am successful.

*Have you ever felt nervously excited?  Because that is how I am feeling right now.

Dear Momma. You are a loser. Love Momma.

*Have you ever seen a coyote casually strolling down your driveway to cross the street?

Or a groundhog nibbling on weeds at the side of the road?

How about a fox running through a cemetery?

I have.  Lucky me.

*Have you ever yelled so loud it made your throat hurt?

Or cried so much that you gasped for a breath?

*Have you ever pretended to be a horse just to make your kids laugh, but laughed so much yourself that you almost peed your pants?

No?  Why not?

*Have you ever been sickened by another humans huge mistake?  (BP bigwigs)

*Have you ever wished money grew on trees?

*Have you ever hidden chocolate chips so no one else would find them? 

And eaten them secretly so no one would ask for some?
And then been caught because you have melted chocolate on your face?
Me neither.


Foursons said...

Yes, I have yelled so hard it hurt my throat. In both good times and bad. And I have hidden chocolate chips and looked my husband in the eye with the chips in my mouth and told him I wasn't eating chocolate.

Diane said...

I've not hidden chocolate chips but I have been known to hide peanut M&M's and other things. I swear if I see one more pic of an oil drenched penguin I'm gonna have to hurt me a BP bigwig..Grrr!!!

Jenners said...

You did it! You have a Linky! Congrats to you! And I wish I could pick up that pile of chocolate chips you have hidden!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh how fun!! And yes to so many of those... and no to all of the animal ones. LOL, I just must not be around too many animals.

But the yelling, and crying, and hiding... YES! :)


Diane said...

I was hoping there would be more participation too. I love reading these. Maybe moving it to earlier in the week would help and let your readers know a few days in advance what day you'll be doing it? Hope it takes off!

Cecily R said...

Hey, wanna combine memes and see if it takes off a little better? I have a co-host for next week, but we could do it the week following. Even if you do it on a different day than Thursdays we can still get the word out a little bit and do the combo like Lolli and I do. I'll just do a HYEPSF post for the week. What do you think?