July 13, 2010

Random Events that Occurred During the Last Week

Lets talk about my life shall we?
Lets discuss random events that have occurred lately.......in my life.

*Like the onion incident.

We have a vegetable garden that I enjoy caring for. I head out with my flowery rubber boots, pink gardening gloves and a large basket for any of my pickings. I pull weeds. I rake. I check out the progress. I look for little critters.   It is cheap therapy.  Gardening or nervous breakdown.  I choose gardening.

The other night I picked approximately 50 green onions.

As I was picking them and throwing them in my basket, I was figuring out how to divide them equally and give to family and friends...because I am nice like that. And I hate onions.

When hubby came out, I excitedly showed him all of the onions I picked and explained how amazed I was at the size of them.


I looked down.

I argued.  Because I like to argue and enjoy proving myself right.

I showed him where I picked and he not so calmly informed me that I had just picked 50 Spanish onions that hadn't formed into bulbs yet.

Middle child...who witnessed the whole event then informed me that I am "not a good country girl".


*Lets discuss the car-locking incident.  Oh, it is a great one. 

We took the brats down to the family beach.  We allowed our wonderful, perfect, fantastic, beautiful daughter to sit in a seat because it was a 10 second drive on a private road.

Big mistake.

As hubby and I walked around the van to let our Princess out of her seat, she locked the door.....with the keys still inside.

My 2 year old daughter locked herself in the van.  And smiled at us through the window.  Then she sat down and had a snack after getting in the driver's seat and pretending to drive.

While 10 adults foolishly tried to figure out a way to get her out.

She is still there.


*I picked the dead heads off of my flowers yesterday.  There was a wasp nest right above my flowers hidden under the railing of the deck.

I got stung.

Multiple times.

I also screamed like a little girl and almost did the ugly cry.
But middle child would have reminded me once again that I am "not a good country girl".

Now.  Lets discuss how happy you are to not have my life.......


Draea Lael (Rose) said...

I also hate onions, or used to..I am mildly physically allergic and extremely mentally allergic...
In the last few years, however, I have started cooking with them a little more, to up my tolerance. Sir Geek also loves onions.
I planted red and Vidalia onions in my garden, mostly for him. The kids promptly stomped on 15 of the greenies as soon as they broke the ground. Then, the crabgrass took over the area while I was trying to figure out what the mutant plant in my garden was. I think I have 3 viable onions left...that is if the kids didn't pull them when they were sent outside to weed yesterday...crap...
Oh, and your experience with the 2 yr old is what prompted me to get a magnetic spare key holder to stick inside my driver-side wheel well along with the remote entry clicker. I have 4 kiddos that thought it was GREAT fun to lock themselves in the car and watch all the adults like monkies at the zoo...

VandyJ said...

I'm not a big fan of onions--espesially raw ones. Hubby loves the stupid thing especially raw ones. I will cook with them but refuse to eat raw onions.

shopannies said...

we have problem with wasp here as well and I would not have known the difference between onion and spanish onion either

Jen said...

Ouch for the bee stings. I totally would have done the ugly cry too.

Jenners said...

Ouchy on the wasp thing!!!

And admit it ... you did the onion thing on purpose. I'm on to you!

Gigi said...

I have a feeling your middle child would tell me OFTEN that I'm not a good country girl too.

Gigi said...

I have a feeling your middle child would tell me OFTEN that I'm not a good country girl too.

Gigi said...

I have a feeling your middle child would tell me OFTEN that I'm not a good country girl too.

Amanda Moore (Moorebloglife) said...

I love fresh green onions but I am so sorry you pulled the wrong ones. When I read your story about your daughter my heart dropped! That could be any one of us parents and although my girls are grown know I think I would have fainted had they actually got in the drivers seat! That is an event I hope you never have to relive!:P LOL

Melanie @ 40 Degree Day said...

I'm not a good country girl either. I keep lots of bug spray handy for just that reason!! I have also been known to scream when the big bugs come a bit too close...

Heatherlyn said...

I hate wasps. Bee stings are worse, but I know that bees do good things when they aren't stinging someone. Wasps on the other hand, what good do they ever do?

I locked my child in the car once when she was a baby in her car seat. It was by accident but I totally freaked out!

I think you have a good life. And a good sense of humor. :)

Sandra said...

ummm....ouch...as for the onion incident, bah, there just onions...I found you through the Random Tuesday!