August 08, 2010


Do you believe in miracles?
Before Friday, I am not too sure if I would say I do.
But now I am 150% sure that miracles do happen.

You see, there is a person in our family who is very dear to all of us.
Not just because he is family, but because he is a kind hearted, giving, human being.
A great father to his two beautiful girls.

And a great husband to one of the nicest girls on the planet.

He is my husband's brother.
The person my husband thinks of first.
The person my husband has protected for the last 32 years.
The best man at our wedding.
My children's Uncle.

This wonderful human being was in a tragic accident on Friday.
And survived.

We are forever grateful that he will be around to see his girls grow up.
To grow old with his wife.
And be in all of our lives.

Hug your loved ones tonight.
Because you just never know when you might need a miracle.


Elaine A. said...

Thank God. I believe in miracles too...

Gigi said...

Miracles happen every day. I'm glad to hear your brother in law will be okay.

Heatherlyn said...

It's a beautiful post. And very true.

Sara said...

Thanks... you let me have a much needed cry. Love you xo

Jenners said...

Oh My ... I am so happy you got to have a miracle!!! And thanks for sharing this reminder with all of us ... you never do know what is around the corner. Hugs!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Thank God! That's great!