October 24, 2010

Have You Ever

It's that time again my friends. Time to ask others if they have ever done/thought/wanted/had/watched the same stuff as you so you can feel like you are not alone in this big, crazy world.

Because sometimes I feel like I am alone in this big, scary universe and I get a little bit worried.

So instead of drinking, I ask others to make sure they have similar thoughts and experiences.

And, so far, it has kept me out of the psych ward......and rehab.

So far.

Have you ever wondered who invented PA Days? I plan my life around my kids being at school and when the big wigs at the school boards decide to give the kids a day off so teachers can get more training, it cramps my style. Just sayin'.

Have you ever seen a longer sentence then the one I just wrote?

Have you ever bought your daughter a stroller excited to see her push around her dolls?
And then she decides to load it up with tractors instead?

Have you ever bought expensive shaving cream so you could shave your legs and not get a rash?
And then your children have a shower and use the entire can making potions?

Have you ever purchased a new container of dish soap?
And then your children decide to clean the floors...with the entire bottle?

How about purchasing a new box of food colouring and then finding your children dumping it all into a Ziploc bag of water because they are "doing an experiment"?

Have you ever found chewed gum dropped in random places throughout your home?

Remind me why I don't drink.

Convince me not to run away from home.

Because Iamthisclose.

Have you ever seen a gourd that looks like this and thought naughty thoughts?  Or is it just me?
I blame the chaos that is my life.

That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Now write a Have You Ever post and share the link here so we can let you know that your life isn't that bad..........


FourJedis said...

Whoa how can you not think that gourd looks like something else? I just picked a piece of gum off of our floor today. Not even 5 minutes after saying to throw it away upon completion.

Stephanie said...

Nice gourd! Gets you through the day, I bet! You are too funny! Thank you for making me laugh. :O)

Not Blessed Mama said...

i am thisclose to outlawing gum in our house. it's ridiculous. and kids and potions- sigh. had to explain to the carpet guy what the big black stain on the rug was (kids using food coloring to make "blood" for special effects- sigh).

Heatherlyn said...

HAHA loved your post! And, surprisingly, I have experienced most of those things. And that squash is seriously funny. It's not just you. :)

Jenners said...

Oh that ghourd is naughty naughty naughty!!!