November 14, 2010

Have You Ever?

It's that time again my friends. Time to ask others if they have ever done/thought/wanted/had/watched the same stuff as you so you can feel like you are not alone in this big, crazy world.

Because no one wants to feel alone when weird crap happens in their life.

Especially me.

So lets form a Have You Ever Support Group and support one another as we experience "stuff"  that doesn't fit in with the rest of our life.


Have you ever listened to your child read you a story and wanted to have a temper tantrum because they didn't know how to read the word "hungry"....after 27 times?

...and "out"?
...and "have"?

Have you ever made your children clean their ears with a baby wipe wrapped around their fingers on the way to visit family?

Have you ever given your child gummy bears for dinner because you were sick of the whining?

How about Halloween candy? Oh wait. That was me.

Have you ever eaten Halloween candy for dinner? With a glass of milk? And then convinced yourself that it was OK because you were somehow getting all food groups and had your vitamins beforehand?

Have you ever excitedly went to a casino and realized that you are probably the youngest person there? Youngest as in under the age of 65.

Have you ever realized that you are probably the only person there who doesn't smoke....drink....wear Depends.....and carry a "Frequent User" card?

Have you ever won $20 at the casino and walked out feeling like you just won the lottery?

Have you ever felt intense joy?

Have you ever been thankful that time allows you to conquer/appreciate the intense feelings you experience during this wild and crazy ride called Life?

Me too.

Now join in damn it!!!!!


Jen said...

Hey cleaning kids ears with a baby wipe is a great idea. :)

Jenners said...

Thanks for the baby wipe ear idea!

And I believe if you have milk, it makes any meal healthy.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Yes, yes, and YES to...well, everything! :)