January 20, 2011

A Post about Studley because You have been asking about him.

Studley is still kicking...and licking...and snoring...
Although I thought he was gone for good the other day when I let him out for a pee and he didn't come back.
So I put on my boots, coat and mitts....went outside...called his name.
Which was kinda dumb because he is hard of hearing and cant hear us when we are right beside him.
He didn't come.

I walked around the property imagining every possible scenario.
He ran out by the highway.
The coyotes got to him.
The people down the street found him and are keeping him there until we come knocking at their door.
Maybe they can just keep him because I am so angry at him for running away.

he was sound asleep on his bed in the barn.
Gosh darn I love my Studley.
Lets look at this one again because I love it.

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Jenners said...

I love me some Studley!!! He is such a noble creature ... and a great napper.

Natalie said...

WOW! Gorgeous photos of such a handsome pooch! I LOVE the one of just his nose with the teenie bits of snow on it and the tongue adds a splash of color! BEAUTIFUL!

cat said...

Oh gosh, look at that beautiful boy! We also have two Labradors and they are 9 and almost 9 and I also fear the day that they become too old. Love to you fellow lab lover.

Gigi said...

Those last two pictures show just how dignified he is/

Run DMT said...

Labs are such great faithful friends. What a gorgeous dog! My parents have a black lovable Lab too.

I love the nose with snow shot. Thanks for making us love it twice. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey, big boy! Tell your momma thank you for letting us know how you are! Remember, if you ever need a place to stay, you can come live with me and my family in Missouri, USA. Love ya, Kristina

Jenny said...

What a cutie :) I love that picture too, I have one similar of my Boston Terrier.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

LOVE love LoVe the one of him licking his nose~!

Scary Mommy said...

He's so sweet!! So glad everything is alright! Love the licking shot, too. It's perfect.