February 15, 2011

Quick Grammy Awards Recap.

It was my most favourite television evening of the year.
A night I look forward to because I don't have a life.
A night where I can get some fashion ideas.
A night when I can feel sorry for myself because I dont have millions of dollars, perky boobs and cellulite-free skin.

I enjoyed Eminem and Rihanna.
I even liked Justin Bieber.
I said WTF the entire time Bob Dylan was screeching.
And I wondered how long Mick Jagger has been dead.

But what I really saw was something that has been missing from my life.
Something I need to complete my life and bring happiness that I never thought was attainable.
An egg.

When I die and come back as another human being, I want a body like this.


I am not quite sure why he is trying to look like Johnny Depp, but I still love him and feel the need to post a picture of my boyfriend.
Just because.

What did you love/hate about the Grammy Awards?

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Heatherlyn said...

I didn't watch it, but I did see the egg thing on msn. That was very creative.

I think I like Brooklyn Decker's body better than Kim's. Although Brooklyn wasn't at the Grammy's, so I'm just saying. Kim is beautiful though.

Jenners said...

Honestly, I didn't even know it was on. I'm a bit out of touch with pop culture.

And what the heck is that egg thing?

Foursons said...

I don't watch award shows but I read all about them the next day on the internet. Lady Gaga is a freak. And I too want Eva's body.

Jen said...

Kim K is such hot stuff. I totally want her.

Colleen said...

LOVED the grammys! I don't know about the egg though... it looked awkward to get out of. :)

And why was he trying to look like Johnny Depp? I was wondering that very thing when I saw him.

blueviolet said...

I really hated the horns of Lady Gaga!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I didn't watch the grammys - what's with the egg thing?

WW: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Princess Nagger Style

Dawn said...

i didn't watch either but saw the egg-was that lady gaga? you're right about eva!

Jenny said...

Every time I thought Mick Jagger was done singing he would start again. I just wanted to scream at the T.V. for someone to make him stop ;) Also did you see him push his guitarist like twice, I thought he was going to push him right off the stage.

Diane said...

I didn't even watch but thanks for showing me a pic of that crazy Lady Gaga egg I keep hearing so much about!

Elaine A. said...

I didn't see the whole thing (missed Lady Gaga) but I was glad to see that Gwyneth made an appearance. I just love her.