February 08, 2011


*I am now officially the Mother of a screamer, non-stop talker and all around Diva. Forget about the "terrible twos". I believe that the third year is one that needs to be skipped.

Or one where Mommies are allowed to take a 1 year vacation from Motherhood.

*I am so sick and tired of seeing snow. And driving in snow. And putting boots/hats/mitts/snow pants on my argumentative children.
Come soon spring. Please.

*My soon to be sister in law celebrated her upcoming nuptials to my little brother last weekend. Her bestie gave her a "penis lei" {necklace}. I am thinking about asking if I can borrow it when I go shopping just to get a reaction and to meet new friends.

*Conversation between my almost 3 year old Diva and her brothers.

"Hi Princess. Come sit on the couch with us"
"Shut up weasels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  Not even one minute of it.

*Song my boys have been singing around the house
"Look at my buns, my coconuts and my big banana"

*True story. I {secretly} grab handfuls of Lucky Charms cereal...only eat the marshmallows and put the cereal back in the box. I yell at my children when they do the same thing.

*I want this.
You can buy it for me here

*I enjoy hearing about blog conferences and how great they are...and how nice everyone is...and the free stuff people get...and the great speeches...and the famous guests.  But what I would enjoy more is if a company would sponsor me so I could go.

Just sayin'.


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Kristine said...

Threes are ten times worse than twos...By the time mine turned 4 I was ready to strangle myself.. Fair warning. LOL

Happy Random Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I'd like a year off from motherhood... actually, I'd kill for a couple days!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I think "Terrible Twos" are a misnomer. I swear Princess Nagger was "Terrible Twos Times Three" at 6. Oh, sorry, didn't meant to depress you more for three years from now. ;)

I didn't watch the Super Bowl either.

I'm right there with you - I'd love to be sponsored to go to one of those conferences too. Then we'd at least get a couple of days 'Mommy Break' from the 'terribles'. ;)

RTT: All About Nothing

Sarah said...

Okay, the thought of walking around the grocery story in a penis lei has sent me into fits of giggles. I'm so done for the day now ;)

Gigi said...

I didn't watch the SuperBowl either not even for the commercials.

Shannon said...

Oh, yeas... the 3s were worse than the 2s. Sorry.

I watched a little bit of the SuperBowl, and remember thinking, "wow, a lot more goes on behind-the-scenes than just some guys running around on a field. Hmmm."

Ruth said...

Year 4 was the hardest for me. I think that is when an alien invaded my sweet little boy's body because he was suddenly sassy and temperamental. WTH? I thought 2 was supposed to be the year to watch out for! Good luck taming the diva.

Happy RTT.

Run DMT said...

Awesome from the screaming diva, to not watching the Super Bowl, to the handbag, to begging for a blogger conference sponsor. Send one my way too, would ya?

BTW...I didn't watch the Super Bowl either. I decided to boycott it because those NFL bastards blocked every one of the Bucs home games this season since the stadium didn't sell out. Plus, I find Green Bay fans and Steelers fans really obnoxious. But that might just be a Tampa thing. Everyone here supports other teams other than the Bucs.

Jenners said...

I'm sure you diva comes across funnier on the blog than in real life!

And being able to eat only the marshmallows is one of the (few) benefits of motherhood!