March 19, 2011

Preserving Your Precious Memories

OK...I had this brilliant idea back in the fall to get all of you to do something with your pictures.
Then life got in the way.
And I forgot.
So sue me.

Like I said, there is nothing worse than people taking fabulous pictures of cherished moments and never doing anything with them.

They take the pictures.
Then lose their photo card.
Or delete them.
Or upload them to their computer only to have their computer die and the memories destroyed with it.

It makes me want to drink.
So does listening to my kids argue.

But anyways, we left off at uploading your pictures from your camera to your computer.  I forgot to tell you that you could upload these pictures right into a photo editing program on your computer but if you have an editing program, you probably already knew that.

Please tell me you have gotten that far.
You have uploaded them and saved them into a special file titled "whateveryouwanttonameyourfile"

Now, if you have a photo editing program you need to transfer these pictures from your file into your program.

I use Memory Manager. Because it is easy, fast, cheap and...well....what other reason do you need?
I tried Photoshop and learned that I need to go back to school to figure it out, so I stuck to MM and it is working for me.

You can also use Picnik. It is free...or you can pay a yearly fee to do more advanced editing.

Move the pictures you want to your editing program and go nuts.
The most important editing feature is cropping.
This is where you remove all of the unwanted stuff in your picture so it allows you to just focus on the important parts....not Aunt Bertha in the background eating chips.

Change your pics to black and white or sepia.
Play around until you are happy with the changes you have made.
Make sure you save them.

And let me know when you're ready to go to the next step.


Gigi said...

Phew! I'm not as backwards as I thought!

I currently use Photoscape as my photo editor. Because it's easy and free. But, if I'm thinking ahead, my camera will actually do a lot of that for me (sepia, black & white, etc.)

But there's the thing...I have to be thinking ahead.

dana said...

Oh, this was the post i meant aabout agreeing with doing something with your photos! I put it all in to the next post! ;)/dana