March 21, 2011

Random Tuesday...on a Monday

It's been awhile.
Not since I have had random thoughts, but since I actually wrote about them.

*I have a zit. The kind that is under the skin and on my jawbone. The kind that looks like I have a tumour growing out of my face. I want to squeeze it so bad.
But I wont.
Because apparently it is bad for you.
But I just cant help but wonder how it is good to allow the pus to stay inside of your body instead of releasing the toxins and allowing your skin to be free of it all.
Just sayin'.

Don't say you haven't thought of it too.

*Reason #587 why I will not have any more children

*In my mind, I still feel like a young kid. But then I look at a recent picture and wonder when the heck I got so old and my skin started to wrinkle. Why hasn't anyone told me this?

*I am thinking about doing weekly "What I am Wearing" posts but am afraid people will call the "What Not to Wear" people because I am clearly out of style.

*Dear Charlie Sheen.  Get help.

*My favourite thing to watch.

Happy Randomness!
Go see Unmom for more Random Thoughts
and because she was voted one of the most humorous blogs.
I knew that a long time ago.


Gigi said...

That video was hilarious!!!!

Yeah, I wonder the same thing when I look in the mirror....

Stephanie said...

Dear Momma--LOVE the new blog design! It's perfect for Spring. Don't fret about those wrinkles because you'll end up with more. Just keep workin' that smile! And thank you for sharing the video. It's HI-larious! Hope you're still smiling!

Foursons said...

Not a zit goes unsqueezed on my body. Can't help it, it's an addiction.

I have been wondering the same thing about my pictures lately. What the heck? Who made me 36 with the body and skin to match the age?

Kate said...

Well am sorry to hear about that horrendous zit, it must be very painful ! Wrinkles are just signs of you becoming wiser !
Laugh and stay happy for the fact that wrinkles don't hurt!
Immature Adult
Is a child living inside your adult body?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I totally don't have the clothes for What I'm Wearing! I am more a What I Through on While JDaniel Watching a Cartoon!

Kristine said...

They aren't wrinkles...they are life lines. They mean you have loved and laughed like mad...
Embrace them!

Happy RTT!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I had the same reaction lately, but mine went more like "When did I become my mother?" :)

Princess Nagger loved to do that kind of furniture art, too. ;)

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

Anonymous said...

My almost 4 year old son colored all over himself AND the carpet yesterday. I feel ya! Happy Tuesday.

Julie from Momspective said...

I think I sleep with my chin on my arm because I am constantly broken out there and have a major face complex. I need to call my dermatologist. Wah.

VandyJ said...

I'm not sure which is worse--marker on the furniture or Desitin Creamy on the clothes. With the way Bruiser is, I'm sure I'll find out.

Anonymous said...

I chuckled to myself throughout your post, but your picture of the marker on your furniture made me really laugh out loud!!

Hope the zit on your jaw either goes or breaks out soon - there's nothing worse than that horrible "will it won't it" stage.

Great post :))

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I saw that video and it was hilarious!! lol!

You look great too! :)

Andrea said...

O my heck on the drawing on the chest of drawers. That's one thing my kids never did (well at least not yet, but at nearly 5 and 9 I think I'm good. Um, I hope).

I'm 33 and have more breakouts now than when I was 15. WTH is up with that??

Happy RTT!

Toni said...

Your blog is really cute!

And I agree, Charlie Sheen needs help.

Happy Tuesday!

CynthiaK said...

Yay for random! :)

And none of us deserve zits at this age. It's a nasty nasty thing. Boo. Hiss.

That marker on the furniture is sooooo familiar. I suggest wine with that. :)

Jenners said...

I feel about 12 in my head but my skin and body say otherwise.

Keely said...

What could possibly go wrong with squeezing zits??

(I HAVE to squeeze mine. It's a compulsion.)

I think Charlie Sheen has help. In the form of a PR manager who is encouraging him in these stunts.