May 24, 2011

Boo Boos

Warning** Momma is PMSing large so she is not responsible for anything she says that may hurt or offend others.  Just let me bitch and tell me that you get bitchy too.  Thanks muchly.
My children get hurt alot.
I am sure if I wrapped them in bubble wrap and let them sit in a rubber room, they would find a way to get hurt.
I have no frickin clue, but after three children and over nine years, the cuts, scrapes and bruises still happen all of the time.

I have never been the type of mom to coddle my children and get all loveydoveyareyouokletmekissitbetterandgiveyouahugandkissandhowaboutalollipoptomakeitallbetter when they fall down.
Sometimes I even pretend I didn't see it happen because as soon as they get attention, the big tears start and the ugly cry continues for what feels like 7.25 hours.

Fun times.

Kids get hurt.
Hell, even 36 year old strong...very strong women get hurt....alot.
But if it isn't a broken bone or head injury, can we just put on a cute bandage and get on with our life instead of talking about boo boos for the next 10 hours???


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The Best of Both Worlds said...

I did the are you okay let me kiss it crap the first time around....and yes it got old and the amount of boo boos are just plain crazy!

The Adviser said...

Hey, it's been a while since I have visited. You have a great eye for pictures. And yes, my children get hurt a lot. I am always embarrassed going to the hospital for stitches or what I found out was Poison Ivy. They may know me by name at this point ; )

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I feel your pain (no pun intended!). When I met my husband & his son, he was four years old. He would cry hysterically over the slightest bump, and Heaven Forbid he saw a drop of blood. I absolutely could not tolerate it, and I have now gotten him to the point where he wears his bruises & scrapes like battle wounds and is very proud of them. "Shake it off!" is said often around here! I can't tolerate that type of whininess.

Heatherlyn said...

My kids went through band aids so quickly for the little tiniest boo boos that we never had band aids when we needed them anyway and (much to the annoyance of my husband) I simply stopped buying them!

Meryl said...

Not only did we have to have boxes of bandaids in each room, I thought for a while that the plastic surgeon was going to give me a key to his office. The good news is we all grew out of it...for the most part.

kristi said...

OMG I am the same way. I am the "Suck it up" kind of Mom and my husband is the coddler. I guess because I was one of 6 kids, I got toughened up fast!

OneMommy said...

I think I need to find some of those MLP bandaids for my daughter. She'd love them!
Speaking of boo-boos, got to take care of one right now!

I am Harriet said...

I bet that is a hot band aid!

Have a great Wednesday!