May 19, 2011

A Girl, her nightie and some dancing shoes

No word of a lie, guys.
My daughter changes her clothes approximately 14 times a day.
Dresses, skirts, nighties and dancing shoes.
Apparently her dancing shoes are every pair of shoes she owns.dsc_1130
Usually I am easy going about it all.
But when I have to wash 10 outfits every single day because she just likes to "look pwetty", it wears thin.

Sure, I could NOT wash the outfits every day, but she gets them dirty.
I think as soon as she puts on an outfit, dirt gets all excited and jumps up on to her clothing.
And face.
And under her fingernails.
Ew...I just cannot handle dirty fingernails.dsc_1128
Her Minnie Mouse nightie is her most "fave-wit" item of clothing to wear.
She wears it to sleep.
And to play in the "park" {our backyard}.
To play soccer.
Or feed the horses.
And her dancing shoes.
Man oh man.
She spends her days doing her "moves" to any music she hears.
Commercials, television show theme songs or the "die song". 
I am consciously making my brain soak in these moments.
Because I used to be a little girl who would only wear dresses and nighties.
And danced to any music I heard.
Now I am grown up.
And refuse to wear nighties.
Or uncomfortable shoes.
I only wear dresses if I absolutely have to.
And before I know it my "pwetty" little girl will be...ummm....not a little girl anymore.
She wont want to wear dresses
dancing shoes
and nighties.
So until then, I soak it all in.
And continue to do the many loads of laundry.

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Cecily R said...

Oh, am I ever with you on this one!! I'm sure we will look back on it and love every hindsight. :)

Dirt does a similar happy dance when it sees Evie coming too. It's kind of amazing, really.

Heather said...

I love the pictures - they are so perfect.

When my oldest was a toddler I actually had to hang all her clothes in her closet because she changed so much. Now with my youngest I can not let her see me bring in a change of clothes to school or she will want to change as soon as my car pulls out of the parking lot.

Oh I love my girls!

The Maven said...

I totally loved this. *sniff*

Stephanie said...

What a great post. She's a cutie-pie! I have 2 girls myself and feel the same way about soaking them up before they get too big.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a sweet post. She is very precious. I am glad you are such a kind mom! Laundry drives me batty!

Kristy said...

great captures

Melissa said...

great photos. My son loves his superhero costumes...especially his sword, cape, and goggles.

kaye said...

you are a good mom :) Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

OneMommy said...

Thank you for reminding me to soak it all in. Sigh. I, too, have a girl who wants to change clothes rather frequently... and who loves to wear her nightie to go play. And then come bedtime, if the nightie is dirty, spare us all! LOL.

Heatherlyn said...

Amen! And take lots of pictures because even when you make a conscious effort to soak it all in, it goes by way-too-fast! Of course, it becomes a lot more expensive but also a lot more fun to go shopping as she gets older ... just wait until you can actually buy clothing from the same stores. :)