June 15, 2011

Hormones do nasty things to the mind and body.

When I was pregnant {all three times}, I was a bitch.
The hormones took over my mind and body and the end result was a very scary, enormously BIG bee-otch.
And anything and everything anyone said made me mad or upset.
I automatically assumed that when someone complimented me on my clothing, they were really saying "Gawd, she is fat and ugly.  I better say something nice so I will compliment her on her fugly striped muumuu"

Or if someone said I was glowing, I assumed they meant "Holy crap, look at her acne!"
I could write a book about my interpretations of every single conversation I had, but I will save that for when I am approached by a publisher...which will be never.

Looking back I should have just hid out in my bedroom for the nine months with junk food, Enya music and my big striped muumuus, but instead, I actually put myself out there because carrying another human being is all magical and a flippin miracle.

But it was also a wonderful excuse to look like crap.

And looking like crap was well worth it because now I have happy, healthy, beautiful children.
Who still give me acne.

This post was very loosely inspired by one of Mama Kat's prompts.
She is swell.
And famous.

*FYI... I am not currently pregnant.


Diane said...

I felt big, fat and ugly with both my pregnancies but especially the firt. I gained 50 pounds!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I was fussy too. It didn't make it fun for people to be around me.

Minivan Mama said...

You happened to describe my three pregnancies perfectly.

Barbara said...

I too was a raving bitch when I was pregnant. Lucky for strangers, my husband took the worst of it!

Anonymous said...

I cried hystercically for an HOUR because my husband (poor guy) burned my FROZEN pizza to a crisp! I got him back later by puking on his feet...while he was wearing flip-flops. In short, I was NOT a pleasant pregnant lady for either of my pregnancies. I love my two wonderful, beautiful, smart daughters...but I NEVER want to do that again! LOL

LB said...

I feel ya, girl! Two and through here. I was so sick and swollen and hungry and bitchy, I had my tubes tied. I hated being pregnant!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I too was a b**** while preggo. My best friend actually just recently admitted to not liking me while pregnant. lOL

Kindred Adventures said...

Funny! I do not think I was bitchy when pregnant but I sure was prone to crying a lot and my hubby has plenty of stories to share about that. Most of them embarrassing. Our husbands do take the brunt of things don't they.-Laverne stopping by from Momma Kat's