July 12, 2011

A bug and a beer.

Not much ticks my hubby off.
Unless you count the times the dog has peed/pooped on the floor.
Or when children scratch his vehicles.
Or when we realized that the kids dirt bikes were stolen...for the second time.
But what irks him more than anything is when he leans over, grabs his glass of cold beer and sees this.
Personally I think the bug might make it taste better.
Because, to me it all tastes like cold pee.
Not that I have ever had a cold glass of pee, but you get the jist.
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debi9kids said...

oh boy. That would upset me as well.

ps I used to think beer tasted like pee smelled too, until I tried a Yuengling Premium. Mmmmmmm

Dumb Mom said...

Yeah on the cold pee part. Beer is so nasty to me and, while my hubs and friends say I need to "acquire a taste for it" I say to heck with that. I already have something that makes my belly swell up like I've got a baby on board: cupcakes. And they taste nothing like urine so I'm good!

Jen said...

Hahaha! That stinks! What a waste of a cold beer (as I happen to like beer). :)

hilljean said...

Ahhh. That sucks! I actually like beer. Much better than pee ;)

Stephanie said...

That's funny! (But it's only funny when it's someone else's drink.) Just yesterday, I found 2 fruit flies in my glass of wine. Yeah, I was not happy.