July 27, 2011

Stanky Studley

Studley smells like stinky ass.
There is no easy or polite way to describe it other than stinky bum.
I tried to love him despite the stench, convincing everyone around that it was his ears...his teeth...anything but stinky bum.
Then I just couldn't ignore it anymore.
I didn't enjoy walking into the house and smelling ass.
Rotten, dog ass.
And I could tell Studley didn't enjoy it either.
He looked at me with his almost blind, cloudy eyes saying, "Help me. I'm drowning in my own stench."
I bathed him multiple times.
I cleaned his ears and stuck my nose right in them over and over again to make sure the smell was not serious ear infection.
I inspected his body in areas I do not wish to discuss.  And I think it embarrassed Studley just a little bit.
Just a tiny little bit though.  His {blog} name is Studley after all.
He still reeked no matter what I did.
So I bit my tongue and called the Vet. It takes alot for me to call the Vet because I know it costs $65 just to walk in the door.
It also takes alot for me to call the Vet and explain to them that my dog smells like stinky ass.
But deep down, I knew something was wrong with my canine baby and it just couldn't be ignored any longer because people refused to come in our house.
They refused to love my dog despite the "odd, foul smell" surrounding our home.
I had prepared myself for the worst.
An infected sore I could not find anywhere.
Infected anal glands.
Even bum cancer.
But after a {very} thorough examination by our very well paid Vet who almost plugged his nose and grabbed a mask, the diagnosis was this.
Studley stinks.
He stinks because he swims so much in lake water that is almost soup-like and has developed some sort of yeasty/bacterial reaction.
$96 later and we have medicated shampoo.

Please cross your fingers that we can all breathe normally soon.


Heatherlyn said...

Well at least he doesn't have anything life-threatening!!!!! But for $100 that shampoo better make him smell like roses. Do you have avenger? Maybe that would help, too.
I really am glad he isn't sick though!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Yes I am glad too that he is not sick or has anything really bad wrong! Such a pretty dog! Hope the shampoo helps!

Kate said...

Alls well that ends well ! Now that the problem is not so serious you all can take relax . I know it really costs fortune to call in doctors!
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Not Blessed Mama said...

we named our cat stinky, because she always stinks. but we don't have a lake nearby...

Elaine A. said...

Ah, poor stinky Studley.

BTW, do you ever accidentally call him that IRL? ;)

Hope the smell leaves soon...

Jenny said...

Poor Studley..we had a dog like that who had yeast infections and some other skin condition. I hope the shampoo works.