August 21, 2011

I Heart Pets!

Have I told you how much I heart "I Heart Faces"?
Not just because it gives me the opportunity to view amazing photographs by amazing photographers but also because I can view amazing photographs by wannabe photographers like myself.
I consider myself a faux-tographer. I love to take pictures of anything. I love to think outside the box. I just don't understand alot of the stuff that goes along with using a fancy schmancy camera.
But I am getting there.

Have I told you how much I heart the Pets theme week?
Not because I love animals, but because they are fantabulous photo subjects.
Someone pay me lots of money to take pictures of cute animals please and thank you.

Duke the Horse is a great subject. When the camera comes out, he comes over and poses like a very large supermodel.
Like really.
Look at his mane.
And those eyes.
I might have said "Work it Dukers" more than once while snapping away.
Don't judge.

Gosh darn, I heart him.


Go see more Pets entries here and see why I heart "I Heart Faces" so much.
Then explain aperture and ISO in dummy terms to an idiot like me.


Rachel said...

Animals are just the best models! I love this photo! (I'm biased about horses anyway - great shot!)

Gigi said...

The image of you in the field, yelling "Work it Dukers" while snapping away totally made my morning.

Puna said...

We love horses! So majestic!

lsquare said...

I like the crop on this shot---it captures a humble sort of majesty that I find quite lovely....Well done!

Snap said...

Way to go Duke ... work it!!!!! :D :D :D

sonya sellers said...


Foursons said...

Oh yeah, he was working it! He is giving eyes that Tyra would be proud of. Great shot!

Jen said...

That! Is a gorgeous photo.