September 04, 2011

How to Take a Good Picture of a Cow

Yes, you read that right.
The famdamily went to a country fair this weekend and I learned another lil' thing about myself.
I enjoy cows.
Anything bovine.
I think I took about 72 pictures and 65 of them were of cows.
I am sure the cow people thought I was odd, but that's OK because everyone else does.
I knelt down in manure.
Stepped in manure.
Made funny noises to get their attention.
And I showed them some love.
That is all they want. Just a little bit of lovin will get you far with a cow.
Think outside of the box. Stall. Whatever. You don't always have to take a picture of your subject's face to capture an interesting picture.DSC_1071
DO NOT piss off your subject because they could give you the evil eye, break free from their rope and stomp on you.
Safety first people.DSC_1074
Capture what catches your attention. I liked the "hairdo" on this beauty and felt the need to snap away just because. In the end, I captured what I wanted to and it made me happy.  And, afterwards I realized that I snapped a photograph that sets off an emotion. Capturing an emotion is my number one goal when I photograph anything.
Capturing an emotion makes Momma happy.
Do whatever it takes to get your subject interested. If you succeed, you cant go wrong.DSC_1119
Composition. Focus. I didn't want a picture of the farmer dude eating poutine or the many other bovine bums close by. I wanted a picture of this beauty and that is all. So many people screw up photographs by capturing "stuff" that has no value to the picture. Know what you want and then snap away or don't snap at all. Or at least know how to edit so you can eventually end up with a half decent photo.DSC_1122
Same goes for this one.  When you look at this photograph there is no doubt in what is in it.  Your eye immediately goes to this big...very big animal.  There aren't people, piles of poop, food platters or anything else to take your eye away from the subject.
I wanted a picture of him and him only.  So that is what I got.
Sometimes a moment happens when you least expect it. Like this one. A moment that is full of emotion is what I love to capture. Just because.DSC_1124

Love Momma


John Deere Mom said...

Well done, my friend.

Gigi said...

I'm sure there is a market for this (yes, I saw your tweet!). Very beautiful - and I must say, I've never said that about cows before!

Jenners said...

That second one makes me giggle.

Heatherlyn said...

I'm surprised you don't own a cow. Lots of people around here seem to have at least one or two. Our neighbors have some. Cows have a LOT of personality. They are kind of cool and definitely interesting. And also very big! Great job with the pictures!