October 26, 2011

Pinterest Picks

Confession time.
I do not decorate for Halloween.
And rarely do I attempt any crafts because I get so easily frustrated with my independent, head strong children.
Shame on me.
Just say it.
One thing I do during the Halloween season is eat mini chocolate bars. Alot of mini chocolate bars. In my "non-crafty, but wanna be crafty" mind, I have even thought about creating a mini chocolate bar wreath.
But I would have to hide it so my children wouldn't eat it.
And, c'mon, we all know I would totally eat it all in one sitting.

Since I don't decorate or do crafts during Halloween, I was nice enough to search Pinterest for all of you that I love so much.
You are welcome.
Go crazy with these great ideas and eat mini chocolate bars while making them all.

Q-tip skeleton
So simple for school treats {mini marshmallows}
Spider ice cubes
Simple foam letters and glitter on pumpkin topiary
Paper plate cat
Craft sticks inside mini pumpkins=spider
Worm wreath
Simple printable framed and displayed on mantel
Mr. T.  Someone please do this and send me pictures.

All of these wonderful ideas were found on Pinterest. You are missing out if you are not there. Just sayin.

Happy Halloween.


Gigi said...

Yeah, I don't decorate for Halloween either. I used to make a half-hearted attempt when the boy was small. But not anymore.

I saw that Baby Mr. T (along with a bunch of others) on some website the other day and laughed hysterically! Too funny.

Emily Hope said...

Ha-Ha - I am not sure if that Mr.T costume is offensive or not?! I am definitely not going to (or would be able to) pull it off.

Elaine A. said...

Okay, that snake wreath TOTALLY creeps me out! But LOVE the ice cube idea!!!

Heatherlyn said...

I put the ghost poop in my kids' lunches! Loving the baby Mr. T. And Pinterest rocks!