November 20, 2011

Studley Stuff

If Studley could talk, I am pretty sure he would say this
"I know I smell like stinky ass jam, but please love me anyway and allow me to live out the rest of my days sleeping comfortably on my bed.....
 and licking plates that you have put in the dishwasher.
and drinking out of the toilet."
I am pretty sure he knows he smells like something that died weeks ago.
But he is getting around just fine.
Eating alot.
Putting weight on.
Looking like a handsome old man.
And we all still love him.
Even if we have to hold our breath when we walk past him.

A Studley story that I must never forget.
Messy was sick so did not go outside to wait for the school bus with Rowdy.
As soon as Rowdy headed outside, Studley barked to be let out {after he had just been out 10 minutes earlier}.  I let him out.
He headed right out beside Rowdy and laid down on the grass until the school bus came.
He stood up as Rowdy got on the bus...watched the bus pull away and then slowly made his way back to the house.
I am positive that our family will never again have a dog who will ever compare to our sweet Studley.


Foursons said...

Studley is an amazing dog.

I love watching my dog watch for the boys to get off the school bus every afternoon. It makes my heart so joyful to see his tail wagging a mile a minute and the boys huge smiles in greeting.

Patti said...

Once in our lifetime we are blessed with that very special dog. Studley is LOVE and LOYALTY with capital letters!

Elaine A. said...

Aw, good ole Studley. Such an awesome dog. Love that story. :)

Hilary Lane said...

So sweet, Studley! My sister has a black lab, who's 12 (3 years older than her oldest daughter), and they took her to the lake house the last time our family went on vacation. If my sister or her girls went out in the boat, she would pace the coastline to keep the boat in sight and as soon as she couldn't see it, she would howl like there was no tomorrow until the boat came back. If the girls were jumping off the dock and swimming, she would swim out and circle them until they swam back to shore. Poor old girl can barely walk and when my sister was in the boat, docked in the middle of the lake, her pup swam all the way out to her. If my brother in law and boyfriend hadn't been there to catch her and help her in to the boat, there was no way she was making it back to shore. So crazy that dogs can be such good companions!

Jenners said...

Awww…what a true gentledog!