April 03, 2012

Guest Post

Hey dudes!
Guess what?
I am guest posting today over at my favourite blog, HopeSquared.
Emily aka E-Ho aka E-Wadd aka Emilyisawesome is a pretty swell chick.  Not only because she is a fun blogger, but because she dresses up her cat, designed my blog,  enjoys my bratty children, pretty much likes everything I like.....and she married my brother.

I met Emily when my boys were very little boys. My brother was home from overseas over Christmas and all I knew was that he was bringing a girl named Emily around. I was convinced she was a Korean girl named Ee Moo Lin {he was living in Korea} who could barely speak English and weighed about 65 pounds soak and wet. I was convinced she would be someone totally, completely different than me.

She was living overseas. I was raising two young children 5 minutes away from my parents.
She was young. I was old{er}.
She was skinny. I was fat.
She liked my brother. No one is good enough for my brother.

I loved her instantly.
I wanted to marry her.
But she chose my brother instead and now they are living happily ever after.

My plan here was to show some embarrassing photos and stories of Emily, but....ummmm....this is what I found, and, well,they are more embarrassing to myself.

And, in all honesty, I don't have any embarrassing stories to tell about her......yet.

Go check out my post at her wonderful blog.

Hope Squared

Follow her.
Then come back and tell me you still love me because I need constant validation.

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Gigi said...

I love you dearly. (Did that validate you any? Or just creep you out?) ;-)