June 24, 2012


Is randomness a word??

*The kittens have been hidden by their mother..again.  The biatch went and hid them in a place that I just cannot find.  Doesn't she know I need pictures? 

*I posted this pic on Instagram recently and lets just get a few things out in the open before I completely lose my shit and check myself into the psych ward
This is me. {in a very large photo}
Yes, I was wearing clothing.
I was told I look "young".
I was told it looks nothing like me.
I was told I look "great".
So, apparently in real life I look old and shitastic.
I now refuse to leave my house fearful of what people really think when they see me.

*Saw the movie "Brave". Great "girl power" movie but quite scary. I spent some time with my face in daughters face so she couldn't see the big scary bears.

*$50 to go see a movie and eat some popcorn is ridiculous

*My last baby graduated preschool. Hold me. Give me alcohol. And chocolate.
*The boys finish school this week and are already acting like they have snorted 52 pouches of
Kool Aid sugar.
Hold me.
Tell me I will survive the next 2 months.

*My new favourite blog
When bloggers swear, it makes me happy.
Weird, yes.
I just like when people speak their minds not worrying about what others think.
And the Ryan Gosling thing is complete hilarious-Ito.

*Studley crapped on the floor again. I think he has fecal incontinence and I am thinking we might need to get him some diapers. Black ones might not look too bad right?

*Is there any female who will not be seeing this movie this weekend?

*Can someone buy me this please and thank you?

*Question.....does this pic look like me? Do I look "young" here? "Great"?

Yes, I am PMS-ing.....
Maybe I should just shut myself up.....now....
I still love you guys.
Group hug.


Gigi said...

You look great! And I'm sure you look just as great in real life. I wish I could get my curls to look like yours.

Loved that link - I will be bookmarking that one!

Jennifer said...

I think that photo of you is stunning and obviously looks like you. It is you.

I think all of the men in that movie look absolutely yummy.

Jen said...

I LOVE the first photo of you and I totaly think it looks like you. Also the 2nd photo of you is pretty awesome too.

Elaine A. said...

I think both photos look like you. Just at different times, that's all. And I hear you on surviving summer. It's gonna be interesting!

Magic Mike all the way!!! ;D

christine said...

Love the randomness. And the photo. And can't wait to love the movie.

designHER Momma said...

I think you look awesome in both photos, for sure!

And I hope to take my girls to Brave this weekend. Thanks for the scary heads up...

Jenners said...

OK … Mama Cat is beginning to annoy me. WE NEED KITTEN PHOTOS STAT!

You do look very very young in that photo. It is big eyes and the lighting and tkae it and RUN with it. I alwys think you look great with it.

Summer sucks!