July 16, 2012

Random Photos I Took While Driving

Let me say this first.
I do not recommend taking photos while you are driving.
It is dangerous.
And stupid.
And I will never do it again.

But, now that I already risked my life capturing random country-ish things, I feel that I have to share them.
After seeing them, you should say "Thank you Momma."
"Thank you for putting yourself in danger just so we can view these craptastic iPhone pictures."
Then you should say "You're the greatest person in the entire Universe......"
"And I want to send you chocolate."

I like this barn because it has a red door.
The red door makes me think that the owner loves their barn enough to paint it a special colour.
I like that.
I like that alot.

I enjoy this antique place.
I dream of one day being an antique shopper and decorating my house with vintage treasures.

I don't remember why I took this.
I will have to pay special attention to it next time to remember why.
But I wont take a picture of it because that is just dangerous and stupid.

A large percentage of the population along this road are Mennonites.
I enjoy them.
I would love to take pictures of them and their way of life.
I would love to have a bonnet.
And a clothesline so I wouldn't have to use my dryer during the summer months.


A field full of cattle.
Have I told you how much I love cows?
The reason we don't have one is because hubby would want it for meat and I would fall madly in love with it and never want to say goodbye.
I would name it.
Groom it.
Talk to it like a baby.
Kiss it on the lips.
But never eat it.

One day I would like to find the perfect field of hay with fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky.
I would take a picture of it.
Then hang it in my house where it would be surrounded by my antique treasures.
That's it.
That's all.
Now, go ahead and lecture me about the driving and taking pictures thing.
And then tell me you're happy I am still alive.
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*all photos taken with my iPhone and edited on Instagram.  Are you following me?  Am I following you?


TexWisGirl said...

be careful! (but i admit to doing the same thing...)

Terri Buster said...

Yes! Be careful! I've done that a couple of times myself, but I am shaky even when still, so I don't anymore.

Jill said...

Next time...pull over. ;) Nice shots though.

Linda said...

Nice shots but please be careful!

Rose said...

I have did it on occasion...but only when no other traffic within sight.

We did have a few cows....notice I don't say we had cattle....when I grew up. Each one did have a name, and was a pet...we never ate them, though we did sell the calves. On one occasion a local company that made hot dogs, bacon, etc bought one of them and we never ate their products for a long, long time.

Elaine said...

You made me laugh! To do drive-bys properly you have to take a very patient hubby along to do the driving--one who will make every attempt to stop when you scream Stop! and one who will upon occasion even turn around and go back so you can take your photo. Of course, sometimes you have to make do, but it's all too easy to get distracted while you are snapping that fabulous photo, so really not a good idea. I can relate to not owning cows because you don't want to eat them. I had a calf I raised when I was a kid and when he went into the freezer I didn't eat meat for a long time.

Gigi said...

You must be very talented. If I *were* to take pictures while driving (not that this is an admission of guilt) every single one of them would be of the interior of the car because I'm not coordinated enough to point & shoot while driving.

Beth said...

i always enjoy the window within a side mirror shots. too fun! great views there. lovely. (:

Tanya said...

nice shots and thank you for risking your life! i sometimes will just stop in the road (as long is it's not on a curve) and tell the kids to watch from the back and let me know when a car comes! i love cows too and my husband wanted to get a few at one time but i said i could never eat them either...i can't eat something i name, ever!

Anonymous said...

Cool barn finds!

Thank you =)

Jenners said...

Now they'll have to add "No photos while driving" to the list of things you shouldn't do.