August 29, 2012


We did it.
We bought a puppy.
As excited as I am about it, I know that no dog will ever compare to my dear Studley, so I am a bit sad.
Sad that our Studley story is officially over.

The puppy is less than 4 weeks old so we have another month until he comes to our home forever and ever, but our family is having some disagreements....
...major disagreements.

The name.
So I am bringing it here for all of you to decide for us thankyouverymuch,
Here is the information.
Purebred German Shepherd.
Here is the Mommy. 
Isn't she pretty?
She is busy raising 6 busy puppies right now, but still is the prettiest doggy Mama I have ever seen.
And here is the Daddy.
He is pretty famous.
But that doesn't really matter to us.
He is so handsome and friendly that we loved him as soon as we saw him.

Our puppy is a male.
Having 5 people trying to agree on the name is impossible and I fear that our family may go our separate ways before the pup even comes home.
It is such an argument that we may actually decide to divorce each other.

Here are the choices.

Please....pretty please...I am begging you to give us your opinion and choose only the names I love {which I have been forbidden to divulge}, so I can convince my family that they are the best.  My family wants to name this poor dog "Burger" and I will run away to a deserted island with this dog before that happens.
Once the choices have been narrowed down and we can actually discuss a few names without raising our voices, than I will have a poll here for you to help with the final decision.
Then when we decide, I will send photos of our new baby to all of you because I am nice like that.
You're welcome.
{photos courtesy of our breeder that I may share at a later date}


Gentri said...

Oh poor family. Don't you know that a name is more than just a name? They live up to that name. Do you really want a dog that will live up to the name "burger"??? No. Didn't think so. But Angus or Cooper? those are fine fine names!

hilljean said...

I like Guinness! I think that's way cute :) We had a German Shepherd once and she was hands down the best dog we ever had. Love them!

Emily said...

At first I read booger. That would be funny! not really. I like Sawyer. And Guinness [Though it's Irish].

Foursons said...

Ok, first off- how and why is the daddy dog famous?!

Angus sounds to much like anus- so rule that one out. Copper is from a Disney movie so I'm guessing that one is sweet Princess' pick. Tyson was a boxer- one of the boys wants that name?

My top 3 favorites IN ORDER:

1. Bronson
2. Jersey
3. Guinness (This one will sound AWESOME with your accent but it is not my #1 pick.)

Stephanie said...

Shepherds are such great dogs! I really like Cooper--fun, playful, yet a stand-up kinda name! Good luck with naming your pup.

Heather Draney said...

Cooper is the winner in my book! That may have something to do with my awesome pup's name being Cooper, but ya know :) its great for training too. Trainers recommend a hard sound at the start of a name so when scolding a misbehaving pup it comes out fast and sharp (like a bark from momma).

Heatherlyn said...

I like Bronson and Cooper the best. Guinness is also great.

German Shepherds, when very well trained, make excellent dogs.

Lindsay said...

Jersey!! That's my vote:)

Tamar SB said...

Even though I am a (south) Jersey girl - he looks like a Fergus to me!

Jen said...

I think you stand out side and yell each name and that will choose it.

If that doesn't work, I like Angus and Fergus best.

MamaB said...

My vote goes to either Bronson or Cooper.....

Brandi said...

I like copper and sawyer. Trying yelling it a few times and see how it feels :) Sometimes you just have to bring them home and see what fits them---good luck!

el-mundo-en-colores said...

Copper! :)

sky girl said...

I think all those choices are very nice but I like it when pet names are decidedly pet-like as opposed to human-like. So my vote would be for Guiness.

Good luck and please save him from Burger.

alissa apel said...

I like: Bronson

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I like Fergus.

SweetMarie said...

I really like the name Bronson. Beautiful doggies! We have three puppy dogs. :)

Liam said...

I think the Jersey is the best name! :)

Connie said...

Bronson is a strong name for a strong dog like that. I like that one and Jersey the best.

Jenners said...

I like Cooper and Angus. And we're thinking about getting a second puppy soon too!

Stephanie said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who likes Cooper!!!

Sharon said...

First choice: Cooper. Second choice: Bronson. Whatever the name, your pup is going to be stunning. German Shepherds are one of my favorite breeds, and Mom and Dad are both elegant. What fun to anticipate a puppy!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Great choice for a family pet.

1. Fergus
2. Fergus
3. Fergus

My opinion, longer names tend to get shortened. General rule that helps with this is to keep the name to no more than two syllables.

Kari said...

We just went through this same thing! We adopted a female puppy a few weeks ago and our family of 6 could not agree on her name. I fought hard for Eleanor, Vivian, or Luna, but the guys didn't like those names. We finally settled on Piper.

From your list I really love Copper.

Nancy Claeys said...

We have two GSDs and the only stipulation my husband had with names was that they be one syllable. He feels it's easier to call them and they learn their names faster. Anyway, Sioux and Buck it was.

I personally wanted Cochise instead of Buck, but I didn't win that one.

I have a cat named Angus and love the name, so that's would I would go with.

Cathi said...

I like the name "Cooper" because it simply rolls off the tongue quick and easy. I also like the name "Riley" and ... our shepherd's name was "Hunter". ;D

The Lovely One said...

Jersey and Cooper are striking me as good dog names! Good luck!

Elaine A. said...

Guiness. He's totally the color of the beer! Right!?! I mean he has to be, look at his 'rents!

Congrats! :)