September 23, 2012


Good news
Girl-child enjoys picking out her own clothes and dressing herself.
Bad news
The outfits make me cringe.

Good news
We bought everything we need for our new puppy
Bad news
We don't pick him up for another week

Good news
I took a picture of pretty weeds
Bad news
I haven't had my DSLR out in over a week

Good news
I bought myself an iTunes card to update my workout play list
Bad news
I forgot the answers to my security questions and was blocked out of my Apple account

Good news.
We love our mailbox post
Bad news
We cant keep the flowers alive

Good news
Middle child was up at 5am to do "chores"
Bad news
Middle child was up at 5am

Good news
I am currently zit-less
Bad news
I am not currently wrinkle-less

Good news
One of the kittens snuggled up on my lap and slept for over an hour while I was outside
Bad news
One of the kitties has figured out how to open the screen door and make herself at home indoors

Good news
My boys are enjoying school
Bad news
Even though there is some political crap going on between the government and teachers

Good news
My kids are happy
Bad news
Considering they haven't seen much of their Dad in over 2 weeks
What is your good/bad news???


Jana Faith said...

I like girl child's outfit. I love when I can tell my students chose their outfit. Cute!

Emily said...

Ha-ha - that outfit is awesome!

Elaine A. said...

I hear you on the outfits. K is starting to pick out her own clothes too and Oh Man!!

Gigi said...

She is too cute. The outfit one is a battle I never fought - unless we were going somewhere important.

As for your flowers - deadhead them and keep watering them. That should do it.

Kathryn Caldwell said...

Gotta love their outfits, right? Politics suck and even though my kids are in school I haven't taken any pictures lately! so weird how you almost have less time when you thought you would have more....

Jenners said...

I love the format of this post. And BB puts together outfits that make me cringe too. Like this morning, he put on dress pants with a rec center t-shirt. I made him change. It just looked too dumb.